Specimen Bags

Hague's specimen bags are designed to safeguard your samples with unmatched reliability and convenience.


High Quality Specimen Bags

Whether you need to transport large or small volumes, we’ve got you covered with our high-quality specimen bags. Our bags come with a convenient grip seal closure, making them compatible with standard products procured by NHS supplies and ensuring they are ready for next-day delivery.

Leak Proof Specimen Bags

Our leak proof specimen bags are a game-changer for any high-throughput Pathology Laboratory or hub. Made from durable HDPE film, these bags provide top-notch security for your precious samples during transit. No more worrying about unnecessary spillages, thanks to our edge-to-edge internal seal.

Why Hague?

What sets our bags apart is the attention to detail we’ve put into design. Need to include a request form? No problem. Choose from our standard bag with an additional pocket or opt for the peel able self-adhesive strip on the reverse side for easy application. We’ve even thought about the little things, like incorporating an ‘easy tear’ opening mechanism to speed up processing for busy laboratory staff.

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Danielle Royle-Evatt, Account Manager

" We are dedicated to creating top-notch specimen bags that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability, ensuring peace of mind for our customers."

Danielle Royle-Evatt, Account Manager


Track and Trace with our Specimen Bags

Tracking and tracing specimens is essential, which is why we offer the option to print a sequential barcode directly onto the bag. This, combined with our track and trace software and collaboration with solution partners, ensures seamless logistics and peace of mind.

An Overview of What We Offer:

  • Grip seal stock sizes for all laboratory needs
  • Leakproof, self-sealing bags for maximum security
  • Clear or colored films, printed or plain
  • Unique inkjet barcoding for secure identification
  • Puncture-resistant film for added durability
  • Easy tear perforation for quick access
  • Comprehensive track and trace capabilities

Trust us to provide not just bags, but solutions tailored to meet the demands of modern laboratory workflows. Contact us to explore our range and experience the difference firsthand!

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Frequently asked questions

Specimen bags are specifically designed to safely transport biological samples, such as blood, urine, tissues, and other specimens, from one location to another without any risk of leakage or contamination.

Our specimen bags are manufactured from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) film, ensuring durability and leak-proof protection for your samples during transit.

Yes, we offer customization options such as printing logos, labels, or barcodes directly onto the bags to meet your specific tracking and identification needs.

Yes, we provide a range of sizes to accommodate various sample volumes, from small to large, ensuring that you have the right-sized bag for your specific requirements.

Absolutely, our bags are designed to meet the standards required by healthcare institutions, including compatibility with NHS supplies and other industry-standard protocols.

Yes, our bags may include features like grip seal closures, pockets for request forms, peelable self-adhesive strips, and easy tear perforations to streamline sample processing and handling.

Our bags are designed to have a long shelf life and maintain their integrity over time, ensuring that your samples remain secure during storage and transportation.

Yes, our bags can be equipped with sequential barcoding and are compatible with track and trace software, enabling efficient sample tracking and management.

Yes, we provide competitive pricing and discounts for bulk orders, making it cost-effective for laboratories and healthcare facilities to procure our high-quality specimen bags.

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