Electronic Certificates

Secure Access to Certificates & Transcripts

It is estimated that degree certificate and CV fraud cost businesses approximately US$600 billion annually. It is vital for employers to systematically verify qualifications.

Secure certificates and transcripts help employers verify and authenticate degrees but more and more establishments are also implementing secure web verification services. These systems enable universities to upload documents online and provide students and employers with logins allowing them to instantly verify claimed awards and grades and view all certificates and transcripts.

Fast, easy to use and highly secure, PremierCert+ provides an array of benefits for universities, students and future employers.

• Student login issued 24 hours after data uploaded
• Web verification of student’s award
• Electronic certificates, transcripts and HEAR
• Other e-documents may be presented
• Employer can view using third party login
• Access via link from university website
• Web service branded to university
• Online payment for additional copies
• Audit reports
• Individual records can be easily deleted

Reliability & Security – PremierCert+ is managed by an ISO 27001 & 9001 accredited organisation whose core business is ensuring the system is running reliably and in accordance with security guidelines.

Management & Maintenance – PremierCert+ does not require your IT teams be involved in the daily management and maintenance of the system, reducing the burden on your already stretched IT resources.


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