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Empower your institution with PremierCert+, a cutting-edge solution for secure digital credentials. Combat fraud, streamline verification, and enhance the credibility of your qualifications effortlessly.


Unlock the power of secure digital credentials

In today’s world, the prevelance of degree certificate and CV fraud poses a significant threat, costing businesses an estimated US$600 billion annually. It is imperative for employers to adopt systematic methods for verifying qualifications. Our electronic certificates and transcripts offer a secure solution to streamline this process, providing an added layer of protection against fraudulent claims.

Why choose PremierCert+

PremierCert+ is a fast, user-friendly, and highly secure platform designed to cater to the needs of universities, students and future employers. Here are some key beenfits:

  • Student logins issued within 24 hours of data upload
  • Web verification of student’s awards
  • Electronic certificates, transcripts, and HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report)
  • Presentation of various e-documents
  • Employers can view documents using a third party login
  • Convenient access via a link from the university website
  • Web services branded to reflect University’s identity
  • Detailed audit reports for comprehensive oversight
  • Easy detection of individual records
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Meet the Team

Megan Davies, Security Print Manager

"Working with electronic certificates simplifies the entire verification process for both students and employers. The speed and security of PremeirCert+ make it a game-changer in ensuring the authenticity of qualifications."

Megan Davies, Security Print Manager


Reliability & security you can trust

PremierCert+ is managed by an ISO27001 & 9001 accredited organisation, ensuring that the system operates reliably and adheres to the highest security standards. Your institution can trust our platform to maintain the integrity of your data, providing a robust defense against potential threats.

Effortless management & maintanence

Say goodbye to the hassle of involving your IT teams in the daily management and maintenance of the system. PremierCert+ is designed to alleviate the burden on your already stretched IT resources, allowing your institution to focus on what matters most- education.

Take control of your credentials today

Join the countless universities benefiting from the efficiency and security of PremierCert+. Secure your institution’s reputation and make the verification process seamless for all- get in touch today.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, employers can conveniently verify claimed awards and grades using a secure third-party login provided by PremierCert+.

Yes, PremierCert+ supports the presentation of various e-documents, allowing flexibility in showcasing academic achievements.

PremierCert+ is designed to minimise the burden on IT resources by offering a hassle-free system that does not require daily involvement for management and maintenance.

Certainly. PremierCert+ provides the convenience of online payment for institutions and individuals seeking additional copies of electronic certificates.

PremierCert+ stands out with it’s robust security measures and reliability, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and offering a trustworthy platform for electronic certificates.

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