Shipping Labels: How to Use Them & Why They’re Important for E-Commerce Businesses

Shipping Labels: How to Use Them & Why They’re Important for E-Commerce Businesses

Have you considered how you can utilise shipping labels to their full potential within your e-commerce business? Labels are an integral part of any ecommerce company, as they can aid in so many aspects of ordering, but they can also enhance the overall experience for your customers. Labels can help ensure compliance, customer satisfaction, security, and efficient operations.

What Are Shipping Labels?

When running an ecommerce business, you need to be able to generate shipping labels for your outgoing deliveries to customers. These labels contain vital information for the process, and will include things such as the recipient’s address, tracking details and any other specific instructions. Shipping labels are a way which you can compile all information needed for successful transit together, and in doing this, comply with any external standards.

Why Are Shipping Labels Important?

Shipping labels are essential to any ecommerce business. Your shipping labels are used to ensure that shipping regulations are met, and all vital information is included for a successful transit. This could include labelling packages with specific information such as hazardous materials and temperature requirements, or any necessary customs documentation for international shipping.

What Are Some Other Beneficial Uses For Labels Within Ecommerce Businesses?

  • Return labels/information

You may choose to provide your customer with a return label within their package, along with instructions as to how to return items. This simplifies the return process, as customers have everything, they need to return the item, thus improving customer satisfaction.

  • Branding

Shipping labels can be used as an extension of your brand, to help reinforce brand elements and recognition. This can mean including logos, brand colours, and any brand elements. Doing this will help customers receive a cohesive brand experience.

  • Barcodes and Tracking

Within the shipping labels, you can incorporate barcodes and tracking numbers so customers are able to accurately track packages. This is beneficial to both your company and the customer, as it reduces the chances of lost packages. Not only does this assist company and customer, but barcodes and tracking numbers can help improve organisation in warehouses and distribution centres, helping to streamline the process for everyone.

  • Packaging inserts

You can include extra inserts alongside the shipping labels, to enhance customer experience. Marketing materials or personalised notes, which provides an opportunity to thank customers, promote exclusive offers, and repeat business, could be something which you include. You could group these together with the return label so that your customer gains comprehensive bundle of information with their order, further enhancing their experience.

  • Customization

You can customize packaging labels and inserts with brand colours and logos, so that the brand experience is cohesive throughout. You can also add customer names or order details to enhance the unboxing experience – this extra touch can make customers feel valued and increase brand loyalty.

How To Print The Perfect Shipping Label

At Hague we prioritise making our labels to a high standard so that you can be confident that your labels are going to be as accurate and efficient as possible. There are multiple aspects which must be considered and included when printing shipping labels.

  • Sender Information

Company name, return address, contact information

  • Recipient Information

Name/company name, delivery address, contact information

  • Shipping Service Information

Shipping method (eg: UPS), tracking number

  • Barcodes

For any information which is relevant for scanning during transit

  • Package Details

Information about contents, weight, dimensions

  • Any Special Instructions

E.g.: ‘fragile’, ‘don’t bend’

  • Customs Information (International shipping)


No matter what your ecommerce business is selling, Hague can produce a variety of bespoke labels to fit your individual needs. We have been printing specialists for over 40 years, which shows our expertise at finding you the perfect label solution. For more information on label printing and any other printing queries you may have, give us a call on 01162864700, or fill out our query form.