Our team has over 25 years experience of supplying specialist print and labels.

Our knowledge and understanding of working in the Healthcare industry means we are able to meet the needs of any busy hospital department or laboratory. Regardless of quantity, complexity and urgency we are able to provide a wide variety of products whilst understanding the importance of quality and reliability.

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Medical Records

A comprehensive array of products is complimented by new bespoke product development for individual hospital requirements:

  • Case Note Folders
  • Secure Case Note Wallets
  • Custom PVC Products
  • Tab Dividers
  • Mount Sheets
  • Filing Mechanisms
  • Tracer Cards
  • Barcode Labels/Printers
  • A4 Laser Labels
  • Medi-clips
  • Plastic ‘Paperlight’ Re-Cyclable folders
  • Patient ID Wristbands

Community Services

A multitude of plain and printed files and wallets are available in sizes and substrates to suit all requirements:

  • Case Note Folders
  • Dividers
  • Marketing Leaflets
  • Polypropylene Folders
  • Outer PVC Case Note Wallets
  • Mailing Solutions for Immunisation Campaigns

Accident & Emergency

Busy casualty departments need an efficient workflow. We design products and systems to suit the way you want to work:

  • Casualty Cards
  • Combined Pocket/Label Forms
  • Barcode Labels
  • Patient Clothing Transport Bags
  • Mount Sheets
  • Operating Theatre Registers
  • Thermal Printers
  • PVC Pockets and Patient ID
  • Wristbands

Child Health

Specialising in child health we offer an extensive range of off-the-shelf products. This is complimented by the fulfilment of individual personalised requirements:

  • Immunisation Mailers
  • PVC Wallets
  • Medical Examination Forms
  • Screening Forms
  • Case Note folders
  • Labels
  • Pressure Seal Solutions
  • Digital Hybrid Mail options for posting letters

Pathology Laboratories

A wide range of dedicated forms, labels and consumable products cater for the needs of every high throughput laboratory:

  • Specimen Bags (Grip Seal and Self Seal)
  • Request Forms
  • ICE Specimen Request Labels (Thermal & Integrated)
  • Barcoded Specimen Labels
  • Transport Bags
  • Temperature Reported Transport Cases
  • Specimen Tacking Solutions

Trace Safe Blood Transfusion Tags

When working with blood products clinical safety is of paramount importance, hence the development of the Trace Safe blood bag tagging system:

  • Trace Safe Connect (Software Printing Solution for LIMS)
  • Trace Safe Print (Software Back-up Solution)
  • Trace Safe Match (Verifying the correct tag has been applied)
  • Specimen Barcode Labels
  • Report Forms
  • Blood Bag Labels
  • Patient ID Cards
  • Desktop Thermal Printers with maintenance contracts


Always a very busy department, Outpatients have a multitude of specific print requirements. Whatever your needs are we have the products to suit:

  • Thermal labels
  • Patient ID Wristbands
  • Record Cards
  • A4 Laser Labels
  • Information Leaflets
  • Integrated Order Comms Labels Sheets
  • Plastic E Files

HR & Finance

A full range of internal security and information products are available for every application within the hospital environment:

  • Recruitment Folders
  • Security ID Badges
  • Staff Publications
  • PVC Card Wallets
  • Training Manuals
  • Cheques and Cheque Printing Solutions
  • Encoded Plastic Identity Cards and Mailers
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