Label Replication System

Created for laboratories, our pre-programmed desktop printers with attached scanner are customised to your printing needs.

These systems can be used anywhere with a power source as they don’t need access to a computer system. The small footprint means the equipment is easily transportable between labs to any location where it is needed and easily fits in to your workspace.

Simply scan and print

Reducing the chance of human error with its scanned input, the replication system is programmed to print only the size, symbology and characters that you specify to aid security of your valuable assets. The label template is stored on the printer memory and is recalled each time a scan is made, examples of where this system can be used to save time and re-testing are:

  • A pre-labelled sample that has been poorly applied, the barcode damaged or incorrectly labelled
  • Running out of pre-printed labels or the need to create a further label
  • Reproduce a label with a slight amendment to use in specific automation
  • Your IT system doesn’t allow you to print enough labels as standard

Our Healthcare team will work with you to create a system to meet all of your needs including DPI of printer, scanner type and connectivity and the option of a small keyboard for manual input if needed.

We will also advise on suitable blank label material and matched ribbon options and can include these in the package.


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