The benefits of user-friendly and durable slide labelling are clear to see

The benefits of user-friendly and durable slide labelling are clear to see

Reliable slide labelling is vital in several healthcare and research laboratory settings. Slide labels help to effectively identify, retrieve, and track vital samples. So, durable protection against adverse exposure and the ability to support lasting, long-term identification are essential components. They need to be robust enough to withstand extremes of temperature, reliable enough not to detach from the slide and of course, resistant to often harsh chemicals used in medical research environments.

At Hague, we are trusted providers of Xylene resistant slide labels to a variety of clients with the most exacting of standards. We can ensure that your labels stand up to the rigorous demands required, while also guaranteeing a consistent and dependable service.

Time is rarely on the side of teams working in medical testing and research, especially right now. Solutions that support speed and accuracy in sample handling and processing have never been more important. We’re trusted by a range of organisations, who make use of slides, providing the high dependability, durability and quality that we know they need on a constant basis.


Where there’s a need, there’s a solution provided by Hague.

Xylene resistant labels have a range of purposes and are ideal for using on microscope slides, tissue cassettes and specimen storage containers. They can be used with a variety of histopathological procedures in histology, immunology, cytology, immunology, forensic pathology, chemistry laboratories and teaching laboratories at colleges and universities. Because of the rigorous processes they are subject to, they need to be durable enough to withstand contact with harsh chemicals, as well as being abrasion resistant.


At a glance: 5 reasons why, for many leading organisations and NHS laboratories, Hague is the provider of choice for slide labelling solutions.

1. Chemical resistant labels

Our labels are the ultimate in chemical resistant labels. They can be immersed in solvents such as xylene without the risk of them being lost or losing their overall integrity. They are waterproof, chemical solvent-resistant labels that feature a special adhesive. This ensures they remain in place and don’t create problems in the slide use and storage process.

2. Resistant to extreme temperatures

As well as being solvent resistant, our labels can also cope with the kind of extreme temperatures that are associated with histology and cytology procedures. This might include protocols of fixing tissue sections in ice-cold ethanol, which has a temperature around -78c, boiling water, or baking in an oven, histological staining procedures, or treatment in a microwave.

3. Ease of delivery

Despite the high resistance properties of the labels, they can be printed in standard brands of thermal transfer printers in seconds using our xylene-resistant ribbons. This will ensure solvent resistant impressions and print durability. If you’re looking for labels that can be confidently relied upon to withstand your exacting procedures, then we can be depended upon to provide them as they are required.

4. Industry knowledge

We have extensive experience of working with healthcare, research, educational and other establishments that regularly make use of slide labels. As a result, we understand the pressures and unique requirements of our clients. We use robust administrative solutions to ensure that our service is dependable and there when you need it.

5. Single point of contact

All our clients are provided with a single point of contact at Hague. This means that you will always be dealing with the same person and will know exactly who to contact should you have any questions or need clarification. In the unlikely event you have a problem with anything we provide, they will be available to help rectify the issue and find a solution.

Hague offers a range of secure printing and packaging solutions for the healthcare industry. Widely used in the NHS across the country, our printed slide labels are widely trusted, contain an image resistant barcode for enhanced security and are available for thermal, laser and colour printed options if required.

Get in touch to discuss your slide label printing options. We’ll be happy to provide a free sample pack for you to assess before you place an order.