Cheques & Credits

For many people cheques remain an important and practical method to pay for goods and services. The new Image Clearing System increases the speed of cheque clearing and enhances the security of transactions, providing efficiencies of use and faster payments for both consumers and institutions alike.

Fundamental to the digital clearing process is the design, layout and security inbuilt into today’s cheques, with the exacting and demanding industry compliance standards being set by C&CCC on behalf of the banks.

Hague has a long tradition of supplying cheques and credits for over 40 years.  We now combine this heritage with the latest technology and some of the UK’s leading security print experts to promote cheque security even further.

Our approach to printing these valuable ‘near-money’ type financial instruments is that security comes first.  All our cheques far exceed the minimum standards of the industry in the UK by using a combination of multiple anti-fraud measures including:

  • Bespoke watermarked CBS1 cheque paper
  • Complex and bespoke holograms – with multi-level security features
  • Minimum 3 security ink features (UV, Fugitive and Solvent sensitive)
  • Spit duct multicoloured UV invisible ink features
  • Complex guilloches and difficult to reinstate security printed features
  • Application of Image Survivable Features / cheque validation tools
  • Tamper evident hologram labels on delivery boxes

Our design team can use your company logo and house colours to promote your brand and turn your cheques into a unique marketing tool, reflecting your business and marketing style.

Whatever your requirements we can accommodate them with a range of books, sheets, remittance continuous and multi-part set cheques and credits designed with your own needs in mind but built within the C&CCC layout guidelines.

Do you want to avoid writing cheques by automating your cheque issuance process? Our PremierCheque cheque writing product can help.

Want to learn more about managing and processing cheques that you receive? Our Solchar TJ scanning and imaging product will help.


Cheques & Credits

Additional Information:

Hague is a member of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association.

Our Cheque and Credit product offerings

  • Cheque & Credit Design Studio – C&CCC Audit Standard 55 compatible
  • A4 Cheques & Remittances
  • Chequebooks & Credit books
  • System & Continuous Cheques
  • Multi-part set documents
  • Warrants, Certificates
  • Bespoke, Personalised & Encoded Holograms
  • Cheque Printing Equipment, Software, Hardware, Toner, Base Stock
  • Cheque Clearing Software, Hardware & Engineering Services
  • Cheque Clearing Bureau Services
  • Cheque Clearing Consultancy
  • Embossing, Foiling & Encoding
  • Security Tickets, Vouchers & Passes
  • Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards
  • Gift & Promotional Vouchers

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