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At Hague, expertise meets innovation on the realm of secure financial solutions. Explore our comprehensive suite of Cheque and Credit products, meticulously crafted to meet the stringent standards of the Cheque & Credit Clearing Company (C&CCC) Audit standard 55.


Experience swift and secure cheque clearing with Hague

In today’s digital age, cheques remain a vital and practical means of payment for goods and services. The revolutionary Image Clearing System not only accelerates the cheque clearing process but also enhances transaction security, ensuring swift and secure payments for both consumers and institutions.

At the heart of the digital clearing process are the design, layout and security features embedded in cheques, meeting the rigorous industry compliance standards set be C&CCC on behalf of the banks.

With a rich legacy of over 40 years in supplying cheques and credits, Hague seamlessly combines tradition with cutting-edge technology and the expertise of the UK’s leading security print professionals to elevate cheque security.

Our design team can personalise your cheques with your company logo and house colours, transforming them into a unique marketing tool that reflects your business style.

Whether you need books, sheets, remittance continuous, or multi-part set cheques and credits, we can tailor our products to meet your specific requirements within the C&CCC layout guidelines.

Looking to streamline your cheque issuance process? Explore our PremierCheque cheque writing software.

Interested in efficiently managing and processing recieved cheques? Discover how our Solchar TJ scanning and imaging software can assist you.

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Joanne Mullarkey, Security Print Sales Manager

"At Hague, we enjoy the challenge of reshaping the landscape of secure financial solutions, particularly in the dynamic arena of cheque clearing."

Joanne Mullarkey, Security Print Sales Manager


Unlocking trust through expertise: Hague and the International Hologram Manufacturers Association

As a proud member of the IHMA, Hague brings a wealth of expertise and commitment to the field of holographic technology.

Discover a suite of robust products tailored to meet your financial needs, all designed in compliance with the rigorous standards set by the Cheque & Credit Clearing Company (C&CCC) Audit Standard 55:

  • Cheque & Credit Design Studio
  • A4 Cheques & Remittances
  • Chequebook & Credit books
  • System & Continuous Cheques
  • Multi-part Set Documents
  • Warrants, Certificates
  • Bespoke, Personalised & Encoded Holograms
  • Cheque Printing Equipment, Software, Hardware, Toner, Base Stock
  • Cheque Clearing Software, Hardware & Engineering Services
  • Cheque Clearing Bureau Services
  • Cheque Clearing Consultancy
  • Embossing, Foiling & Encoding
  • Security Tickets, Vouchers & Passes
  • Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards
  • Gift & Promotional Vouchers

At Hague, we offer not just product; but trust, security and innovation. Choose us as your partner in safeguarding your financial transactions.

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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. Our range includes bespoke, personalized, and encoded holograms, providing a unique layer of security to your financial instruments, thus enhancing the cheque clearing process.

Hague exceeds industry standards by employing advanced security measures such as watermarked CBS1 cheque paper, complex holograms, and multiple anti-fraud ink features, ensuring the utmost security in cheque clearing.

Hague provides cutting-edge cheque clearing software, hardware, and engineering services to optimise your cheque clearing processes, ensuring efficiency and security.

Certainly. Our design team can incorporate your company logo and house colors into the cheque design, transforming them into a unique marketing tool while adhering to C&CCC layout guidelines.

We prioritise security through measures such as embossing, foiling, encoding, and tamper-evident hologram labels, ensuring the quality and authenticity of our cheques, which is crucial for the success of cheque clearing processes.

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