Can I Design & Print My Own Customised Cheques Without a Printer?

Can I Design & Print My Own Customised Cheques Without a Printer?

Every piece of printed communication you send out from your business can and should be used as a marketing opportunity. That means whether you are distributing a brochure, handing out flyers or even paying via cheque, you should think about the design of the cheques in question

Can I Print My Own Cheques?

You don’t need a cheque printer machine to design customised cheques, you can find a trusted partner who can manage all of your cheque printing for you!

For business owners in need of regular cheque printing, you may want to look into finding a trusted printing partner who can help to get exactly what you require. The risks you take printing your own cheques mean most business owners prefer to leave their cheque printing requirements to the professionals.

At Hague, our cheque printing exceeds all C&CCC requirements, and we provide secure print solutions to clients around the world. All of our cheques can feature complex security features that have been developed to combat fraud and counterfeiting.

Benefits of Outsourcing Cheque Printing Solutions

When you have set a style with your printer, you can begin quickly ordering cheques whenever you need them. Outsourcing a printer is extremely cost effective, as it means you will save when it comes to investing in your own cheque printer machine, which can be expensive, as well as the ink cartridges, which are also pricey.

You will also need to ensure that the cheque stock meets all cheque printing standards, and that all the characters are the right size, shape and location on the cheque. If these are even slightly off it can result in the cheque being rejected by a bank.

Finding the right printing solutions company for you is an important step, but once you have made the choice you can begin designing custom cheques with their graphic designer.

Cheque Design:

Cheques don’t need to look dull and unimaginative, you can customise them with all of your company’s branding and even print them on different backgrounds, with different colours and even your company’s logo and motto.

You can turn your cheques into a beautifully designed marketing tool that won’t fail to impress the recipient. Showing them that you even put the time and effort into making your cheques look professional will also give them the impression that you put the same attention to detail into your day-to-day work, too.

Custom Cheques and Templates

For consistency with all your business communications, you should consider using custom cheques. Designing your own cheque printing template means that every time you pay using a cheque, the cheque can match your business’s logo and colour palette.

When you have your own cheque printing template, you can choose a combination that matches your company branding. Bespoke cheques can also be created per department for even more granular financial organisation within your company.

To take professionalism and cheque use one step further, you can also design custom envelopes and deposit slips to coordinate all of your cheques. Make sure that all items are distributed among the different teams in your company who are responsible for payments so that they always have stock available.

How Hague’s Cheque Printing Solutions Can Help

Enquire now to find out more about the cheque printing service we offer. We’ll get in touch to find a good time for a free consultation to discuss how we can handle your end-to-end use of cheques, from advice on designing a cheque printing template to cheque imaging services.

Last Updated: 10th October 2023, 14:01