Cheque Processing & Clearing Solutions

Discover streamlined cheque processing and clearing solutions at Hague. Our advanced services blend technology and expertise to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and security for businesses of all sizes. Explore our offerings for a confident and optimised cheque processing experience.


Cheque processing and clearing solutions

Explore the forefront of cheque processing innovation with the new Image Clearing System from Hague. This digital image-based system replaces traditional paper clearing, drastically accelerating cheque processing times across the UK. Solchar TJ, the key player in this technological leap, swiftly converts cheques into encrypted codes for seamless digital transmission, ensuring funds are available as early as the next normal weekday.

Businesses benefit significantly, as Solchar TJ automates processes, eliminating the need for physical bank visits, reducing administrative burdens, and cutting courier collection costs. The advantages extend to various recipients, offering choices for businesses, local authorities, and charities to digitally automate cheque processing, whether from the office or a remote setting.

Dive into the clearing markets future with Hague, exploring diverse options for transmitting imaged cheque files into the banking system. Click here to discover more about the efficiency and convenience that define the next era of cheque processing.


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Direct participation

As Direct Participants in the ICS banking system, we manage the entire cheque receipt and clearing service for two of the country’s major banks. Using Solchar TJ software, we handle everything from creating digital images to managing transmission messages, ensuring seamless cheque clearing both into and out of the ICS Switch.

Networked Systems

For organisations with multiple branches, Solchar TJ offers an infrastructure solution. Cheque images are captured in branches and electronically transmitted to a central finance facility, streamlining the process and enabling cost-saving efficiencies. This networked system provides immediate visibility of branch cheque receipts centrally, leading to cheque-clearing cost savings.

Standalone Systems

Individual customers can access digital clearing through our in-house bureau service. By securely transmitting scanned cheque files to our Solchar TJ Processing Bureau, customers eliminate the need to physically bring in cheques. This service is designed to make faster cheque payments more accessible for smaller-scale users, maintaining the same security protocols as the entire UK industry.

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We have been using the Solchar TJ application at SCUK for a number of years. We process all our fundraising response documents, including important compliance details such as Gift Aid and marketing consents, using Solchar TJ. Solchar helps my team get a supporter’s precious donation processed and out, in to the field to help a child, as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Quotation Mark

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Frequently asked questions

Solchar TJ offers rapid cheque data capture, system-generated volume and values, storage of transaction images for future reference, and enhanced search capabilities. It also provides security validation of cheques at the point of capture, reducing the risk of fraud.

Transitioning to digital clearing with Solchar TJ brings about improved efficiencies in cheque and clearing processes. With 17 years of industry expertise, our team guides organizations through the modernization journey, ensuring a positive impact on their business environments.

Yes, Solchar TJ provides an infrastructure solution for organizations with multiple branches. It enables the capture of cheque images in branches before electronically transmitting them to a central finance facility, streamlining processes and providing cost-saving efficiencies.

Businesses benefit from process automation, reduced administrative burdens, and cost savings. Solchar TJ eliminates the need for physical bank visits, reduces paperwork, and cuts courier collection costs. This leads to improved cash flow and faster access to funds.

Solchar TJ is a key player in the cheque processing system, scanning and converting cheques into encrypted codes. It facilitates the rapid digital transfer of these codes to banks or directly into the Image Clearing System, triggering swift payments and improving overall processing efficiency.

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