Document Scanning Solutions

Scan, capture and process a wide range of documents in seconds.

We help organisations, large and small, to digitally transform and manage transactional and all other types of documents through our scanners and processing software, Solchar TJ.

Solchar TJ captures and processes a wide variety of documents, such as Gift Aid permissions, appeal responses, invoices, remittances, statements, cheques, vouchers, bank giros, and any other general correspondence received.

Solchar TJ is extensively used in the payments industry, processing items such as cheques, credits and transactional documents used by banks, building societies, businesses and charities.

Our software is proven to save time and money in the processing of many types of documents and can remove endless hours spent filing and retrieving paper items in your organisation.

Hague’s SolcharTJ application provides:

  • Automated document and data capture with indexing
  • Digitisation of documents received – for both soft and hard copy documents
  • Automated document processing using ICR/MICR
  • Data and document archiving with instant retrieval with Transaction Finder
  • Import of third-party electronic files for processing
  • Automated export of captured data and images to third-party applications

To find out how you can simplify and streamline your document management with Solchar TJ from Hague get in touch with the team.


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