Brand Protection

Hague provide specific tailored products, solutions and services to combat theft, counterfeit, fraud, alteration and Grey market products.

Our expertise helps protect your brand from attacks that undermine company revenue, destroy consumer confidence and create Health and Safety issues. Hague will help you tackle counterfeiting, stop the alteration of documents and help you track and trace your goods. With our experienced security consultancy service, we can design and implement effective solutions that help you combat the risks of fraud.

As specialists in secure print solutions Hague has the most comprehensive range of security features available, all developed to take advantage of the latest in covert, overt and forensic security technology. We can create highly sophisticated holographic designs, use specialist inks and tamper-evident seals to help protect the identity of original products.

Over the past 10 years Hague have project managed many global sporting events providing millions of secure hologram labels to the contracted merchandisers and supplying a total audited stock control solution.


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