A hologram label can seriously impress your clients!

A hologram label can seriously impress your clients!

A hologram label can be one of the most innovative and impressive marketing tools at your disposal. Not only do they look incredibly intricate and striking, they create a memorable impression on potential clients and customers. Designing your own distinctive hologram label for your company can show how professional your business is and how seriously you take each aspect of your communications.

Best of all, slim business cards with a hologram label are easy to carry everywhere, so you will always have something to hand out to potential business partners, customers and clients. They have much more flair than regular business cards, so will help you to create a lasting impression that will wow whoever receives one!

If you are looking for other ways to impress clients and customers, then look no further! These simple tips can also help you to win people over, and create loyal, long-lasting business relationships.

Go off script

Small talk that has clearly been repeated a hundred times or more won’t help you to build a real rapport with people. Speak to clients and customers like they are real people, actively listen to what they have to say and let the conversation flow naturally. It’s a big part of showing people they are more than just a business transaction to you.

Offer an immediate response

You may be busy getting on with other aspects of your business, but when someone contacts you try to reply with no time spared. Telling people you will get back to them ‘within 48 hours’ can be frustrating, and the likelihood is they will seek out a competitor who will get back to them faster. Even if you can’t offer them a definitive answer, explaining you have their message and will get back to them as soon as you have a solution can appease them and keep them interested in your business.

Find out exactly what they need

And then give it to them! Take the time to question them and get right to the bottom of what it is they need, so you can provide them with the best bespoke solution. When they see the extra effort you have put in they will be impressed and their loyalty will grow.

Know your offering inside out

Whatever your company mission is, make sure that everyone from the receptionist to the MD is constantly aligned with it. When asked, each member of staff should be able to quickly sum up what the company is working towards. This will seriously impress any clients or customers, who can put faith in a company that knows exactly what it is doing.

Want to impress your clients and customers with hologram labels? Contact us to tell us exactly what you’re looking for and we can design a custom hologram for your business.