More than any other kind of organisation, charities must work hard on making every penny count. Anything you can do to reduce costs is vital when you’re focused on making as big a difference as possible…

Hague have provided solutions to the charity and not for profit sector for the last 20 years, and we have developed our document scanning and processing solution Solchar TJ working closely with charities to achieve just that, to make every penny count.

Our Solchar TJ solution provides efficiencies and cost savings in the digitisation, capture and processing of donations, Gift Aid management amd associated general correspondence.

It is not unusual for a charity to experience a 50% saving in the time, energy and cost it takes to process all their donations and the mountains of paperwork received after having deployed the Solchar TJ solution.

Many charities rely on Hague and Solchar TJ to reduce their internal processing costs achieving maximum operational efficiency.

Our long list of charity customers tells us about the savings and efficiencies they have realised following the introduction of the system.

In addition, Hague can help in many other areas of your operation, including your accounts payable and retail outlets.

Our clients range from small independent charities to high street chains and international brands.

We also supply the charity sector with a wide range of printed products, labels and promotional items, working in partnership with you to deliver quality products at cost-effective prices.

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Document scanning

  • Automate the management and processing of donations, gift aid and other correspondence
  • See a full audit trail of every donation and gift declaration
  • Digital archive – resolve queries instantly


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Print Solutions

  • Carrier Bags
  • POS, Signage & Marketing Products
  • Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards
  • Gift & Promotional Vouchers
  • Leaflets, Catalogues & Brochures
  • Direct Mail, Flyers & Door Drops
  • Packaging & Return Carriers
  • Branded Promotional Products
  • Free Standing Units
  • Labels, Tapes & Swing Tags

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Brand Protection

  • Tamper-Evident Labels
  • Staff ID Cards & Badges
  • Brand Protection Products
  • Cheques & cheque production software

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Hybrid Mail

  • Cost-effective print and post solution
  • Supports hybrid working – used from anywhere at anytime
  • Save time and resource
  • Brand accuracy and reduction in errors

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Frequently asked questions

Hague has been providing solutions to the charity and nonprofit sector for the past 20 years, focusing on helping organsations make every penny count. Our document scanning and processing solutions. Solchar TJ, is specifically designed to enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness in managing donations, Gift Aid and general correspondence.

Solchar TJ is Hague’s document scanning and processing solution tailored for charities. By digitising and automating the capture and processing of donations and associated paperwork, Solchar TJ enables charities to achieve significant savings in time, energy and costs. Charities often experience up to a 50% reduction in processing time and costs after implementing Solchar TJ.

In addition to document management solutions, Hague offers support in various areas of charity operations, including accounts payable and retail outlets. We work closely with charities of all sizes, from small independent organisations to high street chains and international brands, to provide tailored solutions that meet their specific needs.

Hague supplies the charity sector with a wide range of printed products, labels, and promotional items. We partner with charities to deliver quality products at cost-effective prices, helping them enhance their fundraising efforts and outreach initiatives.

With over 20 years of experience serving the charity sector, Hague is committed to delivering solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement ensures that charities can trust as their partner in achieving their goals effectively and efficiently.

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