Bespoke Security Hologram Printing

Protect your brand with our bespoke security holograms. Our tamper-evident holograms are custom-made to suit various industries, including education, retail and finance. With advanced technology and a commitment to quality, we provide effective and innovative solutions to prevent brand infringement and counterfeiting.


Look after your reputation with our hologram stickers & labels

Hologram labels offer a highly secure and tamper-evident solution for product packaging and branding. Our hologram labels are created using state of the art laser technology, resulting in high-resolution and visually striking designs. The holographic image appears to float in mid air, making it impossible to replicate or copy.

Hologram labels are also highly customisable, allowing for a wide range of designs and effects to be created. From simple text and logos to more complex and detailed images, the possibilities are endless.

In addition to the aesthetic appeal, hologram labels also offer a high level of security. They can include features such as serial numbers, microtext, and hidden images, making them extremely difficult to duplicate.

Our hologram labels are suitable for a wider range of industries and applications, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods.

Here at Hague, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality hologram labels that are both beautiful and secure. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you enhance your product packaging and branding with hologram labels.

Industries we serve with our security print services.

  • Retail: Provide brand protection holograms to help authenticate your products.
  • Education: We provide hologram labels that are placed on certificates to ensure validity of student accreditation. Holograms in this specific sector are submitted to the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA), highlighting the exclusivity of the hologram to particular awarding bodies and increasing the difficulty to replicate such certificates.
  • Finance: we provide hologram labels for your cheques and other secure documentation.
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Meet the Team

Megan Davies, Security Print Manager

"The beauty of working in security print at Hague lies in the knowledge that every day, I am making a tangible impact in protecting the integrity of valuable information and safeguarding the interests of individuals and organisations. It is a fulfilling and challenging role that allows me to stay vigilant and innovative in an ever-evolving industry."

Megan Davies, Security Print Manager


Why choose Hague’s bespoke security stickers and labels?

At Hague we have 40 years experience specialising in providing high quality holograms that offer numerous benefits of all industries.

  1. Increased security: With advanced anti-counterfeiting technology, security holograms provide an unparalleled level of protection against counterfeiters, ensuring the authenticity of your products.
  2. Enhanced visual appeal: Not only do security holograms provide security, they also add a visually appealing touch to your products. The holographic effect adds a level of sophistication and professional touch that sets your products apart.
  3. Increased consumer trust: By incorporating security holograms into your products, you demonstrate to your customers that you take the authenticity and security of your products seriously, thereby increasing consumer trust in your brand.
  4. Easy implementation: Integrating security holograms into your production process is simple and straightforward. Our team will work with you to ensure a seamless implementation.

Hague’s bespoke hologram security features

  • 3D flip images
  • Microtext
  • Tamper evident seals
  • UV inks

Protect your brand and enhance the authenticity of your products with security holograms. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help protect your business from counterfeiting.

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Quotation Mark

University of Manchester, have used Hague Security Print since before 2006 for the provision of secure certificates, transcripts. Megan Davies is our Account Manager. We have found that Hague have a strong knowledge in security print and were able to help in the design and implementation of the secure hologram and other key features. These secure features really help to prevent fraudulent duplication. The University of Manchester are happy to recommend this service.

Quotation Mark

Dylan Blazeby-Couzens, University of Manchester

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Frequently asked questions

Holograms in the form of a foil or label are produced using multicoloured patterns of light to create a 3D image. Overt security features can be used within the hologram, like a 3D flip image and microtext, but we can also add covert security elements for expert and forensic verification- this makes it easier to detect a counterfeit. Applying a hologram to a certificate, packaging or products provides a deterrent in order to make it harder for a fraudster to duplicate. They are used to protect a brand and provide authenticity whilst also enhancing the certificate/packaging/product design. They can take the form of a label/sticker or produced as a foil that can be stamped, making it even harder to replicate.

Some of our holograms include a tamper evident seal. Tamper evident seals, labels or tape will highlight or leave evidence that they have been tampered with. A residue or hidden message would be revealed meaning the seal cannot be reapplied.

The lifespan of our holograms vary depending in the application and its use. However, in theory, they should last the entire lifetime once applied to the packaging/document.

This varies depending on the quantity and the application of the hologram. Please get in touch with one of our hologram security experts who will be able to help you further.

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