Cheque clearing has changed!

Cheque clearing has changed!

Cheque clearing has changed, Hague Software solutions has recently upgraded our unique image clearing software to meet the latest industry requirements…

Solchar TJ, from Hague Software Solutions Ltd saves companies time, money and improves cash-flow by processing cheque payments more efficiently and securely.

This intelligent technology provides imaging solutions that enables the remote capture and electronic processing of cheques for financial organisations and their customers. This provides flexible banking and the freedom to send cheques at any time.

Hague Software Solutions Ltd. is a supplier to banks that rely on this service, aiding the improvement of cash-flow with next day payment of cheques.

Image clearing systems are rolling out across the world and companies in the UK are now maximising the advantages by using the software to:

• Reduce workload by 80%
• Speed up and simplify the process of banking cheques
• Save time and costs by automating processes
• Rapidly access funds, improve cash flow and reduse financial risk
• Improve process control and eliminate manual keying errors
• Search digital archives of cheque images and data
• Resolve real-time queries

Companies are already reducing costs and time with Solchar TJ, such as the Royal British Legion: ‘The Solchar TJ system helps us achieve a greater level of accuracy. It also ensures we meet best practice and comply with our internal audit process.’ Peter Love, Data Service Manager.

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