Print Industry Trends for 2023: Our Top 10

Print Industry Trends for 2023: Our Top 10

Here are our predicted trends for the print industry in 2023.

The printing industry, like many, has faced a turbulent few years. Those printing businesses that adapted and persevered have grown and are at the forefront  of changing trends.

Hague is one of those businesses. We’d like to share with you what trends we are seeing for 2023.

If you have printing needs, get in touch now and lets talk 2023 success.

10 Printing Industry Trends for 2023:

1. Sustainability

When choosing your suppliers, you should ensure that their sustainability efforts align with your own company goals to reflect on your environmental behaviors. Things to look out for may include your suppliers using eco-friendly materials- recycled paper, soy based inks, energy efficient printing presses. Another important aspect to consider when choosing your print supplier is their approach in reducing waste. Whether companies make printing processes more efficient or introduce recycling programmes in the workplace, lots can be done to tackle this issue. Furthermore, if you’re seeking a supplier who is actively trying to lower their carbon footprint, consider looking into their use of renewable energy sources or if they use environmentally friendly transportation and delivery methods.

Sustainability is something which Hague takes very seriously, with all the above methods already being taken on to better our environmental performance. In fact, Hague have recently been awarded a silver Ecovadis accreditation as recognition for such efforts. Find out more about our sustainability efforts by reading our Environmental Policy.

2. Variable data printing- personalisation

Printed media is still effective at garnering a response from some customers. With software and customer databases, you can quickly change up the type of printed products you produce, and you can customise them to fit each customer. Using this can create powerful, personalised customer communications delivered with professional personality. In fact, 88% of your customers are more likely to purchase from you when you personalise marketing materials for them.

Data is king. With Google cracking down on third party data, companies will need zero-party data, given to you directly from your customers. This allows you to gain a better understanding of your customers, enabling you to personalise your marketing for better ROI. Using this data to drive effective mail-out and direct mail campaigns will be  key factor in business success.

3. Special effect printing- more than just a blank page

Customers want more than just a straight print job. To attract the attention of their customers, they want eye-popping products and shiny finishes. The ability to lay down neon inks, clear coverings or toner, to make printed products shine, is on the rise in 2023. The options are endless- we can work with you on your campaigns to make them stand out from the competition. 

4. Interactivity

In 2023, customers will expect more from their marketing material. Incorporating QR codes continues to trend. Following the pandemic, these little squares have made a come-back and we are seeing them pop-up in restaurants, gyms and part of retail experiences. 

Furthermore, augmented reality tags give customers a more memorable experience from ‘just a printed product’. Whether it allows customers to ‘try before they buy’, access exclusive informational content or just helps create buzz around your brand, this interactive element can elevate your marketing. 

5. More digital doesn’t mean less print

In line with sustainability and a move to a paperless office, there is a growing call for purely digital communications. However, as customers value connections with their favourite brands, physical print, such as promotional merchandise and direct mail are back on the up. Providing your customers with out of the ordinary materials can play a real part in acquiring and retaining customers. Where your marketing is promoted through everyday items, customers are to be reminded of your brand every time they use the products you send them. Something as simple as a branded coffee cup could spark their daily thoughts with your company. Not only can this allow for a positive customer experience, but you can also use these materials to boost employee engagement too. Whether you send welcome boxes to new starters, gifts for Christmas or ‘just because’, staff are likely to feel valued within your organisation. 

Obviously, this can all be done in line with sustainability too, using recycled materials and ensuring zero waste. What’s not to love? 

6. Hybrid everything

Hybrid working continues to be the go-to model for businesses, with employees splitting their time between the office and home. In 2023 we expect to see more and more elements of business adopting a hybrid approach. So, if employees are remote, how do we keep them engaged? 

Direct mail opportunities are a great way to boost staff engagement, with welcome boxes filled with branded stationary, mugs and treats being sent to new starter’s homes, they immediately feel valued. This outreach doesn’t stop at new starters. Engage your existing staff members with appreciation gifts throughout the year. How about a valentine’s card? Maybe they could receive an Easter treat through the post? These little things can brighten up your employees’ days, all while they recognise what a great company they work for. If you want to make your staff feel appreciated, get in touch with us and we can help you with all things direct mail, from the design of the gift and the promotional items to fill it with to the printing and distribution– we’ve got you covered.  

Another hybrid that we take great pride in is our Hybrid Mail solution. Hybrid Mail allows for the elimination of needing to manually print, pack and post letters and documents from different locations. Ideal for remote teams, allowing a business to protect and maintain brand consistency, whilst also controlling costs. Your teams prepare the document from wherever they are based, we produce then we post- saving you from increasing mailing costs. Read our blog on the benefits of hybrid mail to find out more. 

7. Printing on new substrates

What you can print on is growing. Digital printing abilities to print on glass, metals, textiles and more is a thriving trend and a fantastic one. It is opening up more channels of personalised and unexpected marketing for businesses and will allow you to stand out from the crowd. 

8. Event merchandise

Events are back, we are seeing more requests for the wild and wonderful. Picture this, you’re at a conference, stood at your exhibition stand, surrounded by potential customers waiting to get their hands on the exciting materials you’re providing them with, all while gaining exposure for your brand. 

9. Security Print

As fraudulent and counterfeit activity is on the up, protecting your brand and its authenticity is to be huge in 2023. Whether you want to authenticate your high-end luxury goods, or prevent the replication of your academic certificates, Hague’s security print services enable you to protect your brand and its reputation.  

With our bespoke hologram service, you can implement bespoke hologram stickers on your certificates, where the design is and etched onto your document using laser technology so that it sits within the foil, making it extremely difficult to replicate. For more information on our brand protection services, visit our website here. 

10. Tickets

Social events are bigger and better than ever, and with that, you need a ticket to get in. Though E-tickets are gaining popularity for many events, printed tickets are set to thrive this year, with them being difficult to replicate and appreciated by event goers for added sentimental value. Furthermore, with summer fast approaching, festival tickets are set to be huge in 2023, where goers are excited to hand over that ticket in exchange for the much-loved festival wristbands. For all your ticket queries, see our website or get in touch here 


Hague is looking forward to 2023. We weathered the storm of an uncertain climate, created products or streamlined our processes for our clients, and are going to build on these successes to bring you even more excellent work. 

Get in touch with us, call us at +44 (0) 1924 244555, and let’s talk about your 2023.