Here Are Five Benefits of Hybrid Mail 

Here Are Five Benefits of Hybrid Mail 

Large businesses often have an equally large mailing list. Sending letters to a list of customers can be a manual task, with printing, stuffing envelopes, stamping and then getting them sorted and posted. That is a lot of time taken up by team members when there is a better way.

Hague Group offers you a Hybrid Mail solution that gives you back your time and can save you money on your big mailouts.


What Is Hybrid Mail?

Hybrid Mail lets you compose mailouts, such as invoices, advertising, letters and more, all digitally to reflect your correspondence. Saving you time and often money, you then send the files securely to a central location, where they’re all printed, stamped and posted for you.

Perfect for the work from home environment, and perfect for a busy office where you don’t have time to tie down someone with stuffing envelopes and running to the post office.

How Does Hybrid Mail Work?


1. Write Up Your Letter As Normal

Write your document as normal. Use the templates you always do for invoices, letterhead, or whatever you need. We have those templates on file for you, so what you see when you type, will be what is printed and sent by us.

2. Check A Print Preview & Edit Layout

You go through the regular motions of printing a document. You can preview how it will look, and make changes as you need.

When you select the printer, that is when you choose the hybrid mail option.

3. Press Send And Sit Back While We Do The Rest

Then you hit PRINT, or SEND, and your file is sent to us to print and sort and send. Time-saving and convenient for you.

Your documents are processed in our secure mailing facility. Accredited to ISO 27001 and fully compliant with the Data Protection Act, so you have nothing to worry about.


What Are The Benefits of Hybrid Mail?

1. No Need To Run & Maintain Expensive Machinery

You don’t need to purchase and maintain a big printer. No need to refill the cartridge when it runs out of ink. And no more annoying paper jams.

2. No Need To Coordinate Support Contracts

If something goes wrong with the printer, or the print job, we’ll sort it out. You don’t have to worry about a thing.

3. With Hybrid Mail, Costs Are Much Lower

Our secure facilities print and process thousands of documents every day from numerous clients. This means you save due to bulk processing costs. Plus, you save on mail costs thanks to Hague having bulk discounts through Royal Mail and other providers. This includes postage to international locales.

4. It’s More Friendly To Our Planet

Your office will use less paper and less energy on printing. 

With central printing, bulk transport means fewer vehicles being used and less CO2 being put into the air.

5. Free Up Your Staff From Manual Processes Such as Letter Packing

For bulk mail-outs, the time needed to fold letters, stuff envelopes, run through a franking machine and then organise delivery, is time you can use elsewhere. You can save staff time, or even save money by not needing a temp to do the work for you.


Some Example Use Cases of Business Uses For Hybrid Mail


In a Healthcare Setting (NHS)

Any changes in how a healthcare service operates can be communicated through a hybrid mail system. This is especially effective for elderly patients who are unfamiliar or anxious with technology.

Often, with healthcare facilities, they don’t have the budget for someone to fill envelopes and post out the letters. Hybrimail systems do all that for you.


For Nationwide Charities

Letterbox drops are still very effective marketing. Being able to get your message of support into someone’s hands and onto their fridge, is more powerful than an email that can get deleted with the click of a button.

Charities looking for support can have their brand and message of hope, in people’s homes. It can remind people to donate money, or clothes, or time, just by sitting on the kitchen counter as people walk by.


For Large Housing Associations

While emails and mobile numbers are not always written down correctly, large housing associations certainly know the address of everyone living there. You can guarantee a higher engagement with your tenants, through a mailout. And with the high number of residents included, one letter, in a mailmerge, printed and sent from the one location, saves you a lot of time and effort.


For Insurance Companies

Insurance companies have a lot of policy documents, update letters and more, which need to be sent to clients. Not to mention any marketing and sales to be posted.

Having one file and being able to make amendments for new clients, recurring clients, and so on, and have them printed and posted with one click of a button, again, saves time and money.

Was there a natural disaster that impacted hundreds of your customers? Find the right documentation to tell them what support is available, select all the recipients, send it to your hybrid mail centre, and you’re good to go.


Find out more

If you want to know how hybrid mail systems can help your business, large or small, then get in touch with us. Free up the time of all that printing, stuffing envelopes and sticking on stamps. Leave that to us, and you get on with your day.