Why hybrid mail could be a game-changer for your business

Why hybrid mail could be a game-changer for your business

Hybrid mail, sometimes known as bulk mail or mail fulfilment, is a powerful marketing and communications tool for businesses that also helps to significantly reduce the cost of sending out all types of mail. Simple, and easy to implement, it takes the stress out of contacting your customers and contact list.

At Hague, our hybrid mail solution mitigates the labour-intensive process of printing, packing, and posting letters, documents and marketing communications – freeing up valuable staff time and improving productivity in your business.

What are some of the advantages of hybrid mail, and what can it be used for?

Combining technology with traditional marketing

Hybrid mail has been used for decades to help businesses get their messages across quickly and often in large volumes. Because of the cost and time-consuming aspects of the process, it was once the preserve of larger businesses as smaller companies tended to rely on leaflets distribution through local newspapers, which can often be a ‘hit and miss’ approach. 

Hybrid Mail streamlines the process by printing off the required information and then mailing it directly to the recipient in exactly the same format it would have been done internally. At Hague, we produce high-quality printed materials and then use the database you provide to mail them directly to customers, clients and contacts. This makes it a significantly more efficient and effective way to communicate by letter and can be applied for much more than just marketing purposes. For example, we often send on behalf of our customers, statements, invoices, policy documents, legal papers and much more. 

If you offer a subscription service, hybrid mail can be applied to your Welcome Pack/Introductory services. If you’re a membership organisation, they can even print up to date membership cards and include these with your welcome letter. 

Debt or loan collection letters can remind people about upcoming payments or the need to honour financial commitments. 

Renewal letters tell people that their subscriptions are coming to an end. It can also be used to fulfil orders for printed materials such as brochures, company information or other documents, perhaps sent in response to a direct mail campaign.

Introducing Hybrid Mail can become a game-changer for smaller businesses and help drive down costs associated with internal mail production for larger organisations. 

Flexible hybrid mail from Hague

At Hague, our iSend service supports everything from a single letter to documents with inserts, welcome packs, personalised documentation, as well as infinite capacity direct mailing to both UK and international addresses.

We have established a reputation for a completely bespoke service that guarantees speed, efficiency, and attention to detail. Our sophisticated online portal allows you to see what your mailing will look like and make any necessary amendments giving you complete control over your mailings before they’re posted.

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