What font should my business use?

What font should my business use?

We recently looked at what your colour scheme says about your brand, but what about your font? Often overlooked, picking the right font is an art form.

Get it right, and your typeface can enhance your brand in your business literature, get it wrong and your typography could detract from your message.

Here’s some things to consider when choosing a font…

Is it legible?

Possibly the most important question of all, make sure the font you choose is legible. However beautiful, there’s no point having a font people will struggle to read.

Is it appropriate?

Does your font reflect the nature of your business? Typography expert Laura Franz suggests you should consider how a font makes you feel to choose an appropriate font:

“Comic Sans looks like what it is: an informal font designed to imitate comic book lettering. It’s not appropriate for The Declaration of Independence. It just feels wrong.

Caslon 540 on the other hand, is an interpretation of the font (by William Caslon) used to print official copies of The Declaration of Independence on the evening of July 4, 1776…it feels more appropriate.”

Sans serif or serif?

Serifs are the small lines that are on the end of fonts like Times New Roman, typefaces without these lines, like Arial, are called sans serif. Although sans serif font is considered more modern, serif fonts are easier to read on paper.

Traditional or modern?

This comes down to the image you want to convey. If you have a business in a ‘traditional’ sector, you may want to choose a more traditional serif font. Alternatively, if your company is more creative, you can probably afford to experiment with more unusual fonts.

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