What are the most popular types of printed certificates?

What are the most popular types of printed certificates?

Printed certificates have a number of uses, from providing proof of a particular qualification that has been obtained, to rewarding staff and motivating your workforce.

If you are interested in finding out more about certificate printing for your business, in our latest blog post we reveal what the most popular types of printed certificates are.

Education certificates

There is no prouder moment for any student than receiving their degree certificate or education certificate on their graduation day. From college courses to vocational courses and university degrees, after studying hard and putting hours of effort into their course, it is proof of their hard work and everything that they have achieved. In addition, for businesses a professional printed degree certificate also helps to prove the eligibility of potential employees, in terms of their qualifications. By including details of the awarding institution (such as a logo and signature), course and student, the business will be able to identify that it is authentic.

Stock certificates

Does your business sell stocks and shares? Investors will want to have proof of their partial ownership in your company, which is where printed stock certificates come in. This piece of paper will provide evidence of the number of shares they hold, the date that they were purchased, an identifying CUSIP or CINS number, as well as official signatures or seals. Although the digital age has reduced the need to print stock certificates in some cases, some investors still appreciate the ability to have physical proof of their investment as it offers peace of mind.

Award certificates

Does your business reward employees for their long service, do you hold annual awards dinners for staff to celebrate their achievements during the year, or would you like to celebrate the achievements of your sports team? Not only does receiving an award help to boost morale, but having a professionally printed award certificate really can help to make the experience even more special, and we’re sure the recipient will love to display it in a frame at home too!

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