Why Your Business Should Use Web to Print Software.

Why Your Business Should Use Web to Print Software.

Businesses are moving more of their services online for speeds and convenience. Services include: click-and-collect, video consultations and Web to Print. Web to Print, or as it is sometimes known as Web2Print, gives extensive creative control in product design to the consumers, whilst still maintaining high production quality. This article will cover; what Web to Print is; how it works and why your business should get on board.

What is Web to Print?

Sometimes referred to as ‘remote publishing’, Web to Print is an internet-based service that allows you to create or upload your own designs and have them digitally printed, more or less, on demand. Using templates, you can build newsletters, business cards, brochures and more. Once you’re happy with the design, you can have them printed and delivered, all without leaving your home or office. Furthermore, you could also use our hybrid mail service, where all your mail can be delivered directly to your customers from the point of printing. We have an article all about our Hybrid Mail service that discusses mail-outs in the digital age- read here.

How does Web to Print Work?

As a customer, you can log into an online ordering system through your web browser or an app on your mobile phone. Here, you upload your designs into your business’ portfolio. You can then order as many printed versions of your material as you would like. In the same system, you can alter or design new items for your library, report on previous print runs and more.

Being able to design, print and manage this all yourself saves you time and money. No need to rely on a printer to make your changes, eliminating the need and the time it takes to contact them via email or over the phone. You are in control of your products, how they look and when they are produced.

What kind of products can be made using Web to Print Software?

With Hague’s Web to Print service, you can create a variety of print-on-demand products, such as brochures, leaflets, business cards, letterheads, ID badges and more. Set up your style and have consistent branding across multiple outputs and documents.

What are some Key Benefits of Web to Print?

1. Web to Print can reduce your costs.

Having an online portfolio that is available to print at any time saves you costs with traditional printers. The ability to edit, change and upload new graphics, images and content to a central hub reduces the cost for you. No need to deliver assets to a printer for each job. Simply log into your account, choose your assets, select what you would like to print and send in the order.

2. You can order from anywhere.

With the online nature of Web to Print, and often with an accompanying mobile app, you can order a print job from anywhere in the world- even from your smartphone- at any time of the day. Hit with sudden inspiration in the middle of the night? Log in, create your design and submit it to the digital printer. As soon as our office opens the following morning, the job will be ready to start.

3. Web to Print reduces your time frames.

The digital nature of this service reduces the time to communicate. No more chasing up people via phone, and no need to have physical meetings-or zoom calls- to discuss layouts and logistics with the printers. Using the simple design software, you can layout, create your products and hit submit. The product can then be printed and delivered to you in a short time frame.

4. You can ensure brand consistency.

With all your assets in a central location, any time you want to create something, you use the exact same logos, colours and graphics- no deviations from creating anew each time. If you have multiple departments creating printed materials and marketing stock, sourcing the branding and official imagery from one location means consistency of branding across all channels.

What to look out for when choosing a company to deal with.

1. Do they use the latest technology?

Our software is up-to-date, easy to use and with loads of powerful options. We can give you a free demonstration if you like, so you can see and feel how easy it is to print what you want and when you want.

2. Do they have a proven track record?

Does the company that you’re looking at have client testimonials? Do they have case studies? If you ask them some questions, do they respond quickly and with good answers, or does it take days to receive a response, and what you get doesn’t actually answer your question? For over 40 years, Hague have worked with businesses of all sizes in many industries. We have a strong track record  in the hospitality industry- last ear we printed more than 150,000 menus for our customers, using our custom Web to Print service for menus.

3. Social Responsibility.

Doing business with anyone nowadays is more than just prompt delivery of service or goods. It is also about who that company is, its values and its position in the wider world. Hague is a socially and ethically responsible business. We embrace human rights and diversity, are a proactive in the well-being of all our employees. We actively reduce our carbon footprint and help the local communities where our offices are based.


To ensure your business is running smoothly and efficiently, you need to embrace the growing technology out there, including Web to Print technology. Hague can help you set up your account, show you how to design letters and flyers and more, getting you producing your marketing materials as quick as a flash.

For a free demonstration of Web to print, and an introduction to the whole range of digital printing and marketing we can help you with, get in touch with our expert team.