Why event ticket security matters for small events

Why event ticket security matters for small events

Performance matters: A look at why ticket security is crucial for small events

With Covid-19, event security has gained even greater importance. Robust security not only ensures that only people who have legitimate tickets can enter the venue, it also means keeping them safe and reducing the risk of virus transmission. 

Correct ticketing with completely secure tickets has always played a part in good event security. It not only helps organisers protect their bottom line, it also controls numbers attending the event and safety within the venue. When it comes to health and safety, secure ticketing is a must.

While black market ticketing for large-scale events can be a serious issue, secure tickets for smaller events, perhaps at intimate venues, is essential.

Is e-ticketing the future?

E-ticketing has been cited as the future of event ticketing, offering streamlined ticketing systems and savings. While e-ticketing can have some attractions for event organisers, there are a range of problems with an over-reliance on e-ticketing, particularly for organisers of smaller events.

Firstly, there is the issue of security and fraud. E-ticketing systems are generally robust, but they are intermittently hit by security challenges. E-tickets are not always secure tickets. As a small events organiser, you are completely reliant on the ticketing system you use. Should your e-ticket system encounter any security or operational issues, it could ultimately impact the viability of your event. 

While e-ticketing can deliver cost benefits for larger events it doesn’t always make financial sense for smaller ones. There’s also a significant percentage of people who don’t have access to the technology required for e-ticketing. A proportion of those that do can be reluctant or hesitant when it comes to using them.

Also, small event sales have traditionally been handled through local sellers, such as shops, schools, and other organisations. Moving to an entirely e-ticketing system removes the possibility of working within your community to promote your event. 

Problems with home printing tickets

Another system increasingly in use is home printing tickets that have been sent via email. While this offers a degree of simplicity for event organisers, home printed tickets have a significant potential for fraud. 

Unless they come with a barcode security system, and the people checking the tickets upon entrance have barcode scanners, it’s very easy to print off duplicates to resell and distribute. 

Bespoke ticketing solutions for small events

Small events, as much as large events, need to be confident that their ticketing system is safe and secure. It helps the event run smoothly and ensures venue safety. 

If you’re organising an event this autumn and winter, whether a Halloween event, bonfire party, pantomime, or Christmas event, then secure printed tickets will still be the most secure, practical, and reliable option. 

How can Hague help?

At Hague, we produce 20 million tickets per year for high-profile sports, entertainment, and leisure company events. We work with organisers of events of all sizes, to create bespoke ticketing solutions that keep your event safe and free from fraud. 

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