Printing Tickets Like a Pro: 4 Big Factors You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Printing Tickets Like a Pro: 4 Big Factors You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Don’t let your event tickets be an afterthought. If there’s one thing you don’t want to worry about on the lead up to an event, it’s that you won’t have the tickets ready on time. The right tickets should be high up on your list of priorities for many reason: they give attendees important information about your event, protect your event through security features, they can convey a sense of what the event will be like and can also act as a lasting memento that people may want to keep.

Want to ensure that your tickets are the best that they can be? Continue reading our ultimate guide to ticket printing, where we cover everything from ticket design to how you can save money when having your tickets printed.

1. The Benefits of Custom Ticket Design

An obvious factor to consider when organising tickets for an event is the design of the ticket. This is the first touch point between event organisers and attendees so the design is important to give the right look and feel for the event. There are many benefits of ticket design:

You Can Provide Custom Information

When you choose to design bespoke tickets for events, it is important that the exact event information is given clearly for the attendee’s convenience. This may include things like the events location, the date and time which the event is taking place or even an agenda for the event.

Contact information for the event organisers can also be a helpful addition so that everyone attending can get in touch if they have any queries or need any assistance. General tickets rely on attendees finding out this information separately- which can be inconvenient, therefore having such information front and centre within the design can be very helpful.

Helps Set the Tone of the Event

For clarity and cohesion, your ticket design should reflect the nature of your event. For example, if you’re organising a film festival, you may wish to design a ticket that looks like an old-fashioned admission ticket, or you could feature imagery such as a film reel or a vintage camera. These little touches never fail to make a big difference.

Setting the tone of your event on your tickets will help attendees feel confident they know what is in store for them.

Promote and protect your event

Not only do custom event tickets mean you can get the perfect text and design printed, they can also include many different security features that stop unauthorised persons from duplicating, distributing and even attending your event.

For example, all of our secure ticketing solutions come with options such as creative and complex security designs, bespoke holograms, highly secure inks and controlled watermarked papers. This makes it extremely difficult for the tickets to be replicated, so you can feel confident that your event is protected.

Another benefit of custom event ticket printing is that you can design your very own high quality tickets, with your event’s own branding and all of the information attendees will require.

Helps You Think Carefully About Fonts

If you decide to design a largely font-based ticket, then using the right font is crucial. Focusing your ticket’s design around the font can be a time and cost effective method which result in a bold and simple ticket layout.

Selecting the right typeface can be a confusing process, as there are so many choices available. The best rule of thumb is to choose the most appropriate font. Whether this means a simple but stylish typeface, or an elaborate and expressive font, finding the perfect font can convey as much about your event as an image.

Carefully Considered Colours

Having control over the colours is a benefit as colour is an important part of your event ticket design and can totally transform the look of a ticket. Deciding on a colour palette which suits your event can be tricky; you could think of the time of year the event is taking place – if it is in spring, you could go with a pastel colour palette. Autumn? Perhaps you go with some muted oranges and browns.

Tickets are a great memento and marketing tool

Your ticket could end up in a scrapbook, or proudly presented on someone’s wall, which means it could influence the way an extended audience sees our brand. Make sure it is eye-catching enough to pique the interest of other people and positively influence their opinion of your events. If you manage to achieve this then it could make the difference in their decision whether to attend an event of yours in the future.

2. Using Your Tickets as a Marketing Tool

Custom event ticket printing doesn’t just mean that you can design beautiful tickets that reflect and enhance your event. Here are three key ways that tickets can be an effective marketing tool.

Increase Brand Recognition

Beautiful tickets aren’t just important as a means of looking good, they are also a way for you to increase your brand recognition. If your ticket sits within your brand guidelines and showcases your logo then attendees know it’s you who is holding the event. This can help get our name out there and make you a memorable event holder amongst attendees. This may cause them to return to your future events!

Bring in Extra Revenue Through Sponsors

Once you have attracted some interest in your event, approach sponsors who may wish to include their logo on your ticket. Designing bespoke tickets that really look the part will help you to negotiate better deals with event sponsors.

Generate Some Buzz for Your Event

There are many other ways to create buzz around your event. You could partner with social influencers to promote your event by offering them a free ticket or a personalised influencer package. Encourage them to share the event on their social media accounts to reach a large audience. Another option is to display your tickets in relevant vendors, such as record shops for a concert or local restaurants for a foodie event. Use your own social media channels to run ticket giveaways but ensure to use a ticket design that cannot be easily reproduced. Use barcode labels to prevent counterfeiting and ensure that all tickets are scanned on entry.

3. Choosing the Right Ticket for Your Event

Different tickets can be used for different types of events. You want to make sure that the style of your ticket suits the logistics of your event.

Tickets VS Wristbands

Printed tickets and wristbands are both popular options for event admissions, but how do we choose which one to go with? Printed tickets are a great way to provide attendees with a tangible reminder of the occasion and are a cost-effective way to manage event attendees. Printed tickets may be more suited to events where there is no re-admittance, allowing for security and safety measures to correctly be in place. Whereas with a wristband, it may be more appropriate to use these for an event lasting multiple days, where re-admittance is required. Or maybe you require a hybrid ticket model- some festivals now swap your printed ticket on entry for a branded, cotton wristband- often kept as memorabilia by the attendee.

4. How to Cut Down on Your Ticket Printing Costs

Printing event tickets can be a significant expense, especially for smaller events or non-profit organisations. However, there are several ways to save money when printing tickets.

Print in Bulk

Ordering a large quantity of tickets can often result in significant savings per ticket- sometimes setting up the printing press is a bigger cost than actually printing all your tickets.

Choose Standard Sizes and Materials

Custom ticket sizes and materials can increase printing costs. Using standard sizes and materials can help keep those costs down. 

Simplify Ticket Design

Intricate designs or multiple colours can lead to higher printing costs. To keep these at bay, simplify the ticket design to include essential information and use fewer colours.

By implementing these cost-saving measures, event organisers can reduce the expense of printing tickets without sacrificing the quality or effectiveness of the final product.

Industries that Benefit from Custom Tickets

Many events in different industries can benefit from custom event ticket printing. Whether you are planning an event at a theatre, sports club, music venue, tourist attraction or museum, this is a service you could find extremely useful and that you may have a need for time and time again.

All you need to do is get in touch and tell us the details of your event, as well as any design ideas you have and we can help you to design custom tickets that will do your event proud. There are many options you can choose from to design your bespoke tickets, and we’ll be happy to arrange a free consultation to talk you through them as well as answer any questions you may have.


Printing event tickets requires careful consideration to ensure they not only provide efficient event entry but also serve as an effective marketing tool. From choosing the right design to saving on costs, these tips can help event organisers create the perfect ticket. For more information on event ticket printing and any other printing queries you may have, contact us now or give us a call on +44 (0)1924 244555.