Why choose a 3D hologram sticker?

Why choose a 3D hologram sticker?

Adding a 3D hologram sticker to your product packaging is an excellent way to make it stand out on the shelf. Not only do they enhance the packaging of your products, they also improve and increase brand awareness. These unique and attractive features can complement existing packaging — and what’s more, create a higher perceived value for the customer.

As well as branding, custom holograms are created to combat counterfeiting. As they are unable to be optically scanned by a computer, or recreated with a photocopier, this makes them very cost effective security features.

There are many other reasons that they are a good deterrent to fraudsters. These include, but are not exclusive to:

  • A quick way to authenticate genuine products
  • Quick and simple validation obvious to the naked eye
  • Embedded security marks and hidden features within the hologram

But why is a 3D hologram sticker so hard to replicate? It’s a result of their unique optical properties, which diffract light and create a 3D image that is unable to be copied by a scanner or photocopying machine.

Additionally, to create a 3D hologram sticker, to begin with, requires special and expensive equipment. They also require the original master hologram in order to make an identical sticker. These factors mean that fraudsters are generally put off from trying to rip off products that are protected by holograms.

When it comes to the benefits for consumers, these are clear. We have already outlined that they are an attractive addition to any packaging, and that products that are protected by holograms result in the consumer perceiving a higher value. However, you may not have considered this final factor — as well as this, it leads consumers to believe that the manufacturer who has used a 3D hologram sticker cares about the overall quality of their products. This attention to detail will raise your business in their esteem and lead them to quickly recognise your products as a high quality and safe purchase.

At Hague, we are a member of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (often shortened to IHMA), which means we are part of the group’s mission to advance the understanding, use, and development of holograms and holographic technology. Each of our holograms is designed and tested for anti-counterfeiting and anti-tampering and can include a range of bespoke security features.

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