What’s next for holographic printing technology?

What’s next for holographic printing technology?

As experts in holographic printing, we’re always interested to see other ways holographic technology is being used in other industries. Here’s some of the uses that have caught our eye recently.

Holographic chocolate

A company in Switzerland has produced holographic effect chocolate by creating microstructures out of the chocolate itself. Chocolate is precision injected into plastic moulds to create the holographic microstructures.

Holographic fashion

Even the fashion world is embracing holographic printing – with holographic nail stickers and holography inspired clothing gracing the catwalk.

Holographic printing technology in the home

It’s been talked about for years, but as yet there are no holographic televisions or smartphones on the market, however there’s speculation that that’s about to change, with Amazon tipped to be releasing a hologram projecting phone.

Holograms for health

Although their effectiveness is unproven, holograms continue to be added to more and more products from bracelets to board-shorts with the wearers hoping they will help improve their balance and energy.

Holographic packaging

Holograms continue to be a popular choice for adding a wow-factor to packaging, with champagne brand Taittinger adding holographic footballs to their special World Cup edition packaging.

Holographic air hostesses?

Skyscanner has revealed its vision of the future of air travel, which it thinks will include holograms of virtual staff, who will help customers. Possibly a bit far fetched at the moment, but with the increase in hologram representations at music concerts, holographic visions are likely to become more commonplace.

The future of holographic labels

With a growing variety of applications from proving brand authenticity to tamper-evident holographic seals, the future for holographic labels is bright. Who knows what we’ll be adding them to next…