What is the hologram sticker printing process?

What is the hologram sticker printing process?

What is a Hologram Sticker?

Hologram stickers are intricate adhesive labels designed to display a three-dimensional image on a flat surface. These stickers play a crucial role in security applications due to their complex manufacturing process, which requires an original “master hologram” for duplication. This necessity for specialised equipment significantly discourages counterfeit activities, making hologram labels a potent deterrent against forgery.

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How Hologram Stickers Are Made

The manufacturing journey of hologram stickers begins with a glass plate, which is first treated with iron oxide and then coated with a photoresist layer. This preparatory step is vital for enabling a chemical reaction with the specific light waves used in the hologram’s creation. To achieve this, manufacturers deploy a variety of lasers, such as ruby, helium-cadmium, and krypton-argon ion lasers, each chosen based on the desired characteristics of the holographic image.

How Do Hologram Stickers Work?

The essence of a hologram sticker’s functionality lies in the manipulation of light. A physical object is illuminated, casting its reflection onto the photoresist-covered surface. At the same time, another beam of light is projected onto this surface. The interaction of these two light beams triggers a chemical reaction on the photo-sensitive layer, thereby engraving the object’s image. The exposure process is highly sensitive, requiring absolute stillness to avoid any blurring of the holographic image.

Applications of Hologram Stickers for Security and Branding

Hologram stickers find their use in a broad spectrum of applications, predominantly in enhancing security and branding strategies. They offer a unique combination of visual appeal and protective functionality that can be applied across various industries and products.

Security Applications and Authentication of Official Documents: Hologram stickers are used to authenticate an array of official documents, including:

Branding Applications and Enhancing Packaging Appeal: Hologram stickers add a premium touch to product packaging, which can:

  • Attract customer attention
  • Differentiate products from competitors on the shelf
  • Convey a sense of quality and innovation

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