What is the hologram sticker printing process?

What is the hologram sticker printing process?

Hologram stickers are flat adhesive labels that give the visual effect of containing a 3D image. They are often used for security purposes, as hologram sticker printing is a difficult process that can only be replicated using the original “master hologram”. To do this, specialist equipment is required, so as a result many counterfeiters are deterred when they see a hologram label.

Holograms are made on a glass plate that has been previously treated with iron oxide before being coated with photoresist. The material then creates a chemical reaction with the set lightwaves that are used to make the hologram. Commercial hologram manufacturers commonly use a variety of laser types, including ruby, helium-cadmium and krypton-argon ion.

The technical part…

The illumination of a physical object reflects light onto the photoresist surface. At the same time, the light is projected onto the surface. The meeting of these two beams of light results in a reaction with the photo-sensitive surface, creating an image of the object. This exposure can take as little as a second, and anywhere up to a minute. Even the slightest movement can result in a blurred image, so it’s extremely important that everything is carefully controlled throughout the hologram creation process.

Uses for holographic labels

Hologram stickers have many different uses, and are most commonly used for security reasons. They can also be used on official documentation to help people quickly authenticate them, as well as on membership cards, gift vouchers, and any products that require protection from counterfeiting.

Not only do holograms provide added security, they can also add an eye-catching feature that quickly lends perceived value to a product. They can be used to add the finishing touch to complete packaging as well as enhancing a company’s image and adding another feature for shelf appeal.

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