What is a ‘label on a roll’?

What is a ‘label on a roll’?

Labels are everywhere, they’re those pieces of paper, plastic or fabric that are attached to objects that provide important information, such as like where the product was produced, its ingredients (food products), its usage and safety instructions.

In some form, labels are used across all industries, including clothing, food, toys, furniture, cars, aeroplanes, books…

Over time as the usage of self-adhesive labels increased, people were demanding a quicker and easier way to apply them, and this led to the development of labels on a roll.

What is a label on a roll?

Labels on a roll are produced on a backing sheet that is wrapped around a core. The core which is usually made of cardboard, plastic, paper or metal makes it quick and easy for the labels to be peeled off and applied to objects.

Labels on a roll are incredibly versatile and can be provided pre-printed for instant application, or blank for printing on a printing press.

What can labels on a roll be used for?

Well, just about anything really but we find that labels on a roll work particularly well for things like barcodes, address labels and name tags.

Labels on a roll that are printed using a direct thermal printer are longer lasting. Thermal printers use a thermal printhead that applies heat to the surface of the label. A heat sensitive media then blackens when it passes under the thermal printhead.

As no ink is used in the process, it means the information on the label is resistant to light and heat. It can also withstand contact to chemicals.

As one of the UK’s leading print management firms, our team are experts in creating labels on a roll. From the standard through to the bespoke, we create labels in various designs, shapes and sizes for use on a diverse range of products.

Don’t have a design in mind? No problem, our designers can create a unique design that reflects your brand personality.

To find out more about our label printing services, send us a message using our online enquiry form and a member of our highly experienced print team will contact you to discuss it further.