What features can you include on certificate printing paper?

What features can you include on certificate printing paper?

Certificate printing paper is paper that is used specifically for official documents, like university graduation certificates, or certificates of authenticity. To safeguard against fraud there may be certain security features on the certificate, such as embossed paper or images that can only be viewed in certain conditions. These security measures prevent reproduction and make certificates extremely hard to forge.

Here are just a few features you may want to include on certificate printing paper:

A border

Including a prominent border on your certificates not only gives the impression of higher quality, but can also act as a security measure. Featuring a metallic border with a complex pattern can make the certificate difficult to closely duplicate, deterring fraudsters and protecting your organisation or accreditation.

Decoration or branding

If your organisation is awarding certificates then you may wish to include logos or some sort of design on the certificate. This will add uniformity to your certificates and make them look more professional. Including an image, or a themed border, will result in attractive certificates that recipients would happily display.


Wording is obviously one of the most important elements to include on certificate printing paper. Deciding how to phrase why you are awarding a certificate and what other information to include is necessary and requires thought. There are seven sections generally required on a certificate: Title of the achievement, presentation line, the name of the person receiving the award, who has awarded the certificate, a description of the certificate, the date and a signature.

Certificate printing paper security features

Safeguard against tampering by including security features on your certificate printing paper. A unique background design or watermark will make it nearly impossible to duplicate certificates. Even the slightest deviation from the original design will be clear under the microscope, revealing the forgery. It’s also possible to add chemical treatments to the paper to reveal fraudulent certificates. If there has been any attempt to change the text this will show as a discoloured area, or a pattern will appear that makes it evident there has been a forgery.

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