Looking the Business: What Are Digital Labels and What Are Their Advantages?

Looking the Business: What Are Digital Labels and What Are Their Advantages?

If you’re marketing, promoting, and ultimately selling a product then digital labels have a range of advantages. If you run a small business then you’re unlikely to be able to compete with the big-name brands in terms of branding and packaging budgets, but you can outsmart them when it comes to savvy marketing. If you’re an emerging brand looking to make an impact, then digital labels are a valuable tool in your marketing armoury.

What Are Digital Labels?

Digital labels are labels produced through digital printing technology, which involves direct printing from a digital-based image to various media. Unlike traditional label printing that often requires creating plates and a lengthy setup, digital label printing can go directly from a digital file to print, making it highly efficient for certain applications.

Different Types of Digital Labels:

  1. Variable Data Labels: Digital printing allows for the inclusion of variable data such as barcodes, numbering, and personalized information without slowing down the print process. This is particularly useful for applications in logistics, retail, and personalized marketing.
  2. Smart Labels: Incorporating technology like RFID chips, QR codes, or NFC technology, smart labels are printed digitally and are used for tracking inventory, providing product information, and engaging consumers with interactive content.
  3. Security Labels: Digital labels can include features such as microtext, guilloche patterns, and holographic images which are crucial for anti-counterfeiting measures in industries like pharmaceuticals, luxury goods, and electronics.
  4. Durable Warehouse Labels: Used in industrial and outdoor applications, these labels are digitally printed on materials that are resistant to extreme weather, chemicals, and abrasion. They are commonly used in manufacturing, automotive, and construction industries.
  5. Promotional Labels: Ideal for marketing, these labels are used for limited-time events, seasonal products, or samples. Digital printing allows for vibrant, eye-catching designs that can be quickly changed for different campaigns or variations.

Why are Digital Labels So Effective?

Digital labels have been transforming the printing industry over the last decade or so. They make it easy to produce bespoke, high-quality labels for every application. They allow small business owners to quickly produce the perfect printed labels for their products, without the expensive outlay often associated with other forms of printing. As a result, digital labels allow small business owners to be adaptive and agile when it comes to branding.

Benefits of Digital Labels: Four ways digital labels could offer immediate and tangible advantages for your brand:

1. They can be easily customised

The small print runs and speed with which digital product labels can be produced means that they’re easy to customise. If you’re promoting a new product, or a limited-edition product, perhaps to tie in with Christmas or another marketing opportunity, then digital labels can be printed and ready to go in no time at all.

2. They’re cost-effective

When it comes to creating stunning product labels and self-adhesive labels at an affordable price point, then digital labels are the perfect solution. They’re considerably cheaper to produce than using traditional methods, and despite this, there’s no compromise on quality.They give businesses with smaller packaging and marketing budgets a level playing field with some of the bigger brands. Digital labels are cost-effective but can still have a huge impact.

3. They offer a high-quality finish

Advances in digital printing mean that the finish on digital product labels is of a very high standard. In fact, it’s now comparable with high-quality traditional label printing but with some built-in advantages. The range of finishes and embellishment available are much wider, allowing you to develop more personalised and unique approaches when it comes to your branding.

4. They deliver big results for businesses of all sizes

Digital labels are increasingly becoming the optimal solution for small businesses. By partnering with an experienced and trusted digital print company, they’re able to develop a more bespoke and agile branding strategy. This enables them to run exclusive offers, try out new product lines and run limited editions. It gives small businesses the flexibility they need to compete with better known brands.
With consumers increasingly valuing niche, bespoke and artisan products, digital labels are a great way to offer something truly unique.

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