Watch this space – Hague’s on a roll!

Watch this space – Hague’s on a roll! -->

We recently received a telephone enquiry from Franck Muller Geneve, requesting us to quote for some Holographic sticker labels on rolls for their new perfume range.

The Swiss watchmaking enterprise is best known for their exquisite, complicated, yet easily identifiable cintree curvex shape watches. The company boasts the most complicated watch ever to be made. It consists of 1483 working components and took 5 years of research and development before it was finally made.

The company was first founded in Geneva by Franck Muller and Vartum Sirmakes in 1983, and quickly became one of the best Swiss Horlogerie brands.

The company headquarters remain within the stunning grounds of the 1902 built neo-gothic mansion, close to the Geneva landscape where Franck started his business venture in 1983.

Due to their continued success, the company built two new buildings in the same style as the original mansion, which completed Watchland in 2001.

Franck Muller Geneve required rolls of hologram labels to seal the outer packaging of their product boxes, to be used to raise the brand identity of their forthcoming perfume range. The labels contain the Franck Muller name and logo, and will feature watch face numbers, as well as a unique code on each holographic label.