Using holographic stickers for product protection

Using holographic stickers for product protection

Holographic stickers are an excellent tool for product protection, with a large number of different sectors using them to crack down on grey goods and counterfeit copies. Here’s just four examples of industries who benefit from holographic stickers.


Desirable electronics like headphones are always a target for knock off merchants. For this reason, Sennheiser includes holographic stickers on all its headphones to help protect against unauthorised copies. Sennheiser’s label also includes a QR code and a verification code that can be used online to verify authenticity.


The pharmaceutical sector has used holographic stickers for product protection for decades – it was first adopted by GlaxoSmithKline (then called Glaxo Welcome) in 1980 to protect prescription medicine Zantac. More recently pharmaceutical companies have added miniature holograms directly to blister packs of pills and bottle caps combined with tamper-evident seals and codes for authentication.


Technology giants Microsoft have long used holographic stickers to protect much of their product range. In recent years Microsoft have also started using holographic technology directly on the disc of their software DVDs and games to help further protect their products from counterfeiting.

Sports holographic stickers

Sporting merchandise is big business and as a result, so are illegal imitations. It’s said that official sports merchandisers in the US lose out on 13 million dollars a year to counterfeit goods, so it’s no surprise that unofficial goods are a big problem for the NFL. In the space of a few months over 3,000 websites were shut down for selling rip offs of the official NFL Nike jerseys. To combat this, all official NFL products include NFL holographic stickers which consumers are encouraged to look for when purchasing NFL merchandise.

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