Use voucher printing services to cross-sell

Use voucher printing services to cross-sell

Cross-selling is a marketing technique that encourages customers to buy another product along with one they have already picked. For example, when you buy a sandwich in a supermarket and see a meal deal to get a packet of crisps and a drink with it. Clearly advertising these offers is a good way to try and cross-sell to customers; another effective way is using voucher printing services to make customers aware of what they can get.

Complimenting products

Cross-selling isn’t about manipulating a customer into buying something that won’t really benefit them. If you build a collection of complimentary products you can offer customers something valuable that can improve their lives.

Try to offer something simple that you don’t have to go into great detail to explain (McDonald’s famous line ‘do you want fries with that?’ is the perfect example of a straightforward cross-sell!). Then all you need to do is ask the customer if they want to take advantage of the offer.

Position your deal

It’s not a coincidence that stores position cheap products near the register. These impulse buys, such as chewing gum, chocolate and newspaper or magazines, are appealing to waiting customers. Make sure to position your offer wisely near the checkout so that your customers can quickly pick something up while they buy.

This can also be done on your website, for example Moonpig offer presents including flowers and chocolates to compliment a card purchase. The website has figured out that customers are likely buying cards for friends and family members to mark an occasion such as a birthday, so offer a product that can be delivered along with the card. These gifts are often more expensive, but as a user is already purchasing on site there are no barriers to sale.

Offer a voucher deal

Voucher printing services can help you to design voucher deals that can be distributed in-store or by mail. Giving a customer a voucher that offers money off a related product can encourage them to make a purchase, and as they have already bought a similar item they will be more likely to buy another. Perforated voucher booklet printing will allow you to quickly tear off a voucher to give to a customer as they pay, and it requires little explanation provided the voucher contains all the relevant information.

We can help you to design gift vouchers with a choice of high quality security print features, including holograms, tamper-evident inks and controlled watermark papers. Get in touch to tell us more about your voucher printing requirements and we can consult you for free to discuss your many options.