Use stock labels to manage warehouse inventory

Use stock labels to manage warehouse inventory

Do you often find yourself overwhelmed when it comes to managing your inventory? Does it seem as though there is no order, and as though you are not making a good use of the space available? The answer could be as simple as using stock labels to manage your inventory and keep on top of things. This simple organisational tactic can help you to keep your stock in check and increase your overall productivity when making a sale or dispatching products.

But where to start? If your warehouse is currently looking disorganised and you can’t imagine how you’re going to get on top of it, the first step is to purge anything you don’t need. Throw out all rubbish and stock you have no intention of selling so you can begin to see the space you have to work with.

Clear a dedicated workspace

You’ll need to create an area that is dedicated to sorting through and packing the inventory. Whether this is a separate room or just a corner you keep clear, it’s important that this area is kept neat and organised. You will soon notice this dedicated workspace is really helping you and your staff to increase productivity.

Label all locations

Each and every location in your warehouse should be labelled, it really is the most cost effective way to keep things organised! All labels should be durable and solidly fixed into place; any labels that could be easily rubbed off or moved shouldn’t be considered. Make sure all labels are clear so that even people with impaired eyesight are able to easily read them. Before applying labels ensure the area is clean, as this will increase label durability.

Labelling locations can be very useful for larger warehouses, in which case you may even want to label aisles. This will make it exceptionally easy for you and the business’s employees to remember exactly where things are. It will also help when it comes to training new employees, saving both training time and their time later on as they won’t struggle to find stock.

We offer a huge selection of stock labels to promote efficiency and help you to save money. Our labels include thermal transfer ribbons available from stock, roll or fanfolded, A4 laser labels and computer labels. All labels are available for personalisation.

Get in touch to discuss all of your labelling needs, we can arrange a free consultation and help you to get on top of managing your inventory.