Use integrated cards and labels to promote an exhibition

Use integrated cards and labels to promote an exhibition

Putting on an exhibition may be one of the only types of event where the motto “If you build it, they will come” doesn’t actually apply! Even though you’ve already put a lot of hard work into creating the exhibition, without the right promotional activity you won’t lure in a crowd. Simple marketing tips, like sending integrated cards to event attendees or messaging members of a Facebook group, can get people excited about your upcoming exhibition.

These five simple tips can help to promote your exhibition and generate a buzz in the run up:

Send personal invites to influencers

Identify influencers who could help to spread the word about your exhibition and send them personal invites. Journalists and bloggers, with a dedicated following, will be influential and able to effectively spread the word about your exhibition. Make them feel special and send out an invitation written uniquely for them, explaining why you want them in particular to come along.

Send integrated cards and labels

Designing integrated forms with peel out cards and sending them to your database can be a cheap way to directly market your exhibition. Include contact details and some samples of your work so they know what to expect, this can ensure those who come along have a real interest in your work.

Share your story on social

Documenting your exhibition activity in the lead up to its opening can spark interest with your followers. Post a mix of photographic and text updates to stimulate and excite people, so that by the time your exhibition is up and running they’re queueing outside the door in anticipation!

Remind people beforehand

Just before your exhibition launches send out gentle reminders to your database and followers. A simple text, email or update on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn can remind people to head along. It’s also a good idea to ask people to add the time and date of your exhibition to their Google calendars, so they can be regularly reminded in the run up to the big reveal.

Design promotional posters and flyers

Go back to basics with your promotional material! Posters and flyers are a highly effective visual tool that can showcase your work quickly to prospective attendees. Include any logos or branding, and remember to put all the correct details including time and place so passers-by can quickly schedule it in.

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