Use hologram labels to create secure ID cards

Use hologram labels to create secure ID cards

The most common use of an ID card is to verify that the person showing it is who they claim to be. This can then be used to grant an individual access to employee areas for security reasons. Hologram labels are one addition that can ensure ID cards are as secure, successful and efficient as possible.

Secure personalisation is at the core of a watertight ID program. Production, encoding and design of the card must be strategically done to ensure that a single person is identified per card. Cards must be designed to accommodate technologies such as hologram labels and security inks that offer maximum security.

Below are some of the features that can ensure your ID cards are secure and protected from fraudsters.

Photographic ID cards

The quickest way to identify someone using an ID card is by including the user’s photo. Photographs are the most basic security feature and the first line of defence against fraud. Including a digital photo on an ID card is not fool-proof though, as they can be replicated by copiers or scanners; however, they should be a staple of your ID program no matter the size of your business.


Barcodes are a smart addition to any ID card that can speed up the admittance process. Single barcode labels can encode short strings of identifying information such as an ID number and the card holder’s personal details. All it takes is a barcode scanner for this information to be read so no training would be required for security staff. They also act as a deterrent as, even if a fraudster is able to replicate an ID card, they would not necessarily be able to create ID cards with scannable barcodes.

Hologram labels (and micro text)

Holograms add a different kind of visual security to ID cards. Using holographic laminates, hologram labels are added to ID cards producing an image that transforms when viewed at certain angles. Some hologram labels can even include micro text if you wanted to add another layer of security.

Ghost image

A ghost image is a smaller version of the original photo printed on the ID card. They are usually printed semi-translucent and added during the printing process. They are virtually impossible to forge and so a powerful deterrent against fraud.

At Hague, we have made significant progress when it comes to tightening security for ID cards including access cards, blank cards, smart cards and membership cards. Enquire now to find out about our ID card design and printing bureau service.