This is why you should always use certificate paper for printing

This is why you should always use certificate paper for printing

You should always use special certificate paper for printing certificates as it lends official documents a professional, premium look that other kinds of paper simply do not. So, what do we mean when we say ‘certificate paper’?

Certificates that look professional

When you use certificate paper for printing, you’re guaranteed to create awards that will look impressive and that the recipient will be proud to display. Using high quality paper adds a professional touch, which is what people are looking for when their achievements are being officially recognised.

Often certificate paper includes certain security features to prevent counterfeiters from recreating fake certificates, such as being made from a special weave that shows any attempt to alter text or images. These security features are incredibly modern and complex, and have been proven time and time again to deter fraudulent activity.

Security features can include creative and complex security designs, like hidden images, as well as secure, bespoke holograms. Holograms are one of the most cost effective ways to protect your organisation and awardees from fraud, as they can only be recreated from a single master slide. They are also tamper evident, so it is clear when someone has tried to alter them in any way.

Additionally, certificates can be printed with security inks that prevent forgery and counterfeiting. They are extremely innovative, and are often used on bank notes, passports, cheques and tamper-evident labels. Complex verifiable numbering can also ensure certificates are not being replicated, and can make it easier to track and check issued certificates.

Here at Hague we have an unparalleled reputation within the certificate printing market. Our unique and flexible approach to our customer’s individual needs means we are well equipped to take on all bespoke certificate printing projects, from advising on the type of certificate paper to all of the available security options.

We have an experienced in-house team that has many years of experience creating stunning certificate designs that can complement any existing brand guidelines. If you don’t have anything like this in place we can also arrange a free consultation to discuss exactly what you are looking for, and then design certificates to suit.

With certificate fraud constantly rising, it’s important you choose a certificate printing partner you can trust to protect your organisation. Get in touch now and we’ll arrange a free consultation to discuss exactly what it is you’re looking for, before planning your bespoke certificate design.