Teachers can build children’s confidence with certificate printing software

Teachers can build children’s confidence with certificate printing software

Confident children are happy children, and happy children soak up learning! But it isn’t just parents who are influential in building a child’s confidence in the early years. The foundation of a child’s self-esteem is laid in the formative years, and between the hours of 8.30am and 3.30pm teaching staff play a fundamental role in this. Having certificate printing software available for teachers can help to build this confidence and nurture a child’s natural abilities.

Here are just five simple ways that can help teachers boost children’s self-esteem:

Regularly praise students

It can be all too easy to point out what a child does wrong, instead of praising them when they do something right. Even consistently well-performing students need vocal praise. Ensuring teachers have access to certificate printing software so that they can create certificates for children when they complete a task well can really boost a child’s confidence. If you do choose to use certificate printing software, you may also want to make sure your school has regularly replenished supplies of certificate printing paper.

Set achievable goals

Setting clear goals will give children a better sense of accomplishment when they achieve them. When they are able to see themselves meeting goals they will feel more confident in their abilities. Once they’ve ticked another goal off the list you can heap praise on them to confirm the significance of the achievement.

Create a positive learning environment

Nurturing an open environment where children aren’t afraid to answer and feel safe to express themselves will build self-confidence, social skills and curiosity. Giving them credit for answering, even if the answer isn’t correct, will give them the self-esteem to think freely and solve problems.

Give children the chance to learn independently

Giving children the opportunity to pursue independent learning in something they’re passionate about will ignite a fire that leads to exceptional work. When a student feels engaged with something they will be more likely to produce high quality work that they feel proud of, leading to increased confidence.

Discourage children from competing with each other

Throughout our lives we are all prone to compare our successes with those of others, but among children this is particularly rife. Being in an environment surrounded by other children all day long will almost certainly lead to jealousies. Discourage children from competing with one another and instead encourage them to compete against themselves. If a child has scored 75% on an exam, encourage them to get 80% next time. Focusing on themselves and their own academic achievements is much healthier than competing against their classmates, as each child is unique and intelligent in their own way.

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