Sustainable printing: How green is your business?

Sustainable printing: How green is your business?

Creating a sustainable planet is not just important for our own generation but for the generations to come. The moment you become aware of your impact on the world can be eye-opening, particularly when you realise how damaging a single business can be on the environment. Sustainable printing is one way that all businesses can reduce emissions and prevent air pollution, lessening the effect your daily operations have on global warming.

So, you’ve already established that you want to be more green with your printing. That’s a good start! But how do you go from thinking to doing? First up, is to assess how green your business already is. Ask yourself the following questions:

What kind of paper are you using?

Contrary to common belief, the paper industry on the whole actually promotes sustainable forestry. The industry is built on well-managed and healthy forests, encouraging landowners to sustain their forests by replanting and protecting their biodiversity.

Recycled paper is printed on 90 brightness paper rather than 96 brightness, a small difference that may be ever-so-slightly noticeable but can make a big impact. It shows your customers that you are practicing eco-friendly printing (and it costs less too). Always look out for FSC 100% recycled paper labels and actively encourage recycling and recovery systems within your business.

What inks are you using?

Manufactured ink cartridges and their ink are made from several ingredients, many of them chemicals which can be harmful to the environment. Even throwing away an old ink cartridge releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and heavy metals which will pollute the soil and water in landfills.

Think about using soy or vegetable-based inks in standard colours. Environmentally-friendly inks are predicted to grow in 2019 and the ever-improving quality of them is making waves in the printing world.

How green are your promotion options?

If your company produces printed items like direct mail, brochures and even business cards, ask yourself: Is there are better way to create these pieces? Are you certain that you are using paper-based products that are made from a sustainable, managed source? Could you make them smaller to eliminate paper waste? At Hague, all of our products are accredited with the forest stewardship council and our designers can help you to create compact products that result in less waste.

Have you got the right balance?

There is a balance to be found between digital and print media, you just need to seek it out. Speak to a member of Hague’s expert print team who can you consult and advise you towards more sustainable printing habits. Contact us now and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.