Speed up returns with printed return labels

Speed up returns with printed return labels

According to a report by the Royal Mail, titled ‘Delivery Matters’ 87% of retail purchases in 2017 were made online. This is an increase of around 7% compared to the year before. Figures released in 2018 by the Office for National Statistics show that one in every five pounds spent with UK retailers is done online. That’s an extraordinary amount of money!

For some, shopping online has become a necessity rather than a preference. This could be because they have to work long or unpredictable hours and getting to the shops is not that easy. Or, they could live in remote areas and it’s not practical or feasible to travel to towns and cities.

The surge in online shopping also means that more items are returned by post. People who buy clothes online are most likely to return them, with 56% of people returning at least one item they’d purchased online.

To make it easier for your customers to return unwanted or damaged items to you and for you to either relist the item for resale or issue a refund, issue printed return labels with every sale. If you’re unsure how to create printed return labels, here is a breakdown of what you should include:

  • Your name
  • Name of the department the item should be sent to
  • Full business name
  • Full postal address including the postcode
  • Any special instructions for the delivery person

Most return labels are pretty boring, so if you want to be a little different why not jazz it up by adding your logo, tagline or imagery along with a special message. If you’re unsure how to layout a returns label there are several templates available online, or if you want to create return labels that are unique to your business our in-house design team can create a custom label for you.

With over thirty years’ experience working with retailers across the UK and internationally, we are experts in creating printed return labels. Fill out our online enquiry form, leaving your name, contact email or phone number and a short description of your needs and a member of our print team will get back to you.