Special Edition: Women in Print

Special Edition: Women in Print

Sally Whittingham

Sales Director

Quick summary of your career in Print to-date

2022 will be my 25th year working in the print industry. I started as a sales executive when the internet and emails did not exist, proofs were sent out by post and waiting by the fax machine for orders was part of your day to day! Today things are very different with technology and social media having changed how I communicate and with both clients, suppliers, prospective new customers and even my own sales team. The needs of end users have also changed over the years with different types of print products being required. Having the ability to diversify quickly has been imperative to keeping on track with these demands and remaining a key supplier to the many industries that I work with.


What you love about your job and the industry

One of the parts I love about being involved in the print industry is that no matter where you go print is all around you, the opportunities are in abundance. From supermarkets to garden centres, in restaurants, healthcare settings and many others besides you will always see something which is printed and hence your next prospect!


Why should people consider a career in the print industry

Every day is different in the print industry and that makes the job interesting, challenging and rewarding. Arming yourself with good knowledge and becoming an expert will open up many doors and avenues and allow you the opportunity to work in different fields. Get it right and your clients will rely on you as their sole source for all printing requirements becoming key to their business operations – if this happens feel very proud that you have done an outstanding job.