Special Edition: Women in Print

Special Edition: Women in Print

Rebecca Angel

Account Manager

I started my print career working at a commercial printer, unfortunately, the business went into administration and I was made redundant. I enjoyed the creative and technical side of print so much that I wanted to stay in the industry, at the same time Hague Cardiff was about to open and there was a new position being advertised, I got the job and have been working for Hague Cardiff ever since.

I love how diverse the print industry is and how fast pace it can be depending on what areas of print you work in. At Hague you have the opportunity to work on all print projects not just have one particular focus which gives the job variety and brings a new challenge every day. I love being able to sit down with a customer and offer a consultative approach on their new project, work alongside them and actually get to see the finished project.

Print is a great industry to work in and if you are looking for an industry that can be fast-paced, diverse, constantly challenging and one that you learn something new in every day, then print is definitely for you!