Should you use certificate printing software?

Should you use certificate printing software?

Many companies offer certificate printing software that claims to help businesses create certificates in house. The features of this software varies, but common features include basic layout and design facilities, plus the ability to add names and other details and print the certificates through a standard printer.

Although certificate printing software may be suitable for printing “fun” certificates, such as certificates for completing an activity rather than a course, it is probably not suitable for the needs of most organisations or institutions who need to create certificates to certify the completion of courses or qualifications.

There are a number of reasons why using a professional certificate printer would be more suitable than creating certificates using certificate printing software. These include:

  • Professional designs. Although certificate printing software normally offers some design features, these are often limited and may not match your corporate guidelines. A professional designer will be able to create a quality design that is unique and tailored to your organisation.
  • Printing technology. When using a standard office printer, it will be difficult to match the quality that can be obtained by specialist printing companies. A poorly printed certificate could reflect badly on your organisation.
  • Paper. Standard paper stock will not contain security features, and is therefore easily duplicated by unscrupulous people looking to replicate certificates, whereas the controlled watermarked paper used by professional printers is very difficult to replicate.
  • Security features. In order to verify authentic certificates and prevent unauthorised duplication, security features are vital for organisations issuing certificates. A professional certificate printer will be able to secure your certificates using a variety of security features including custom holograms, microtext and security ink.

At Hague, we are trusted by over 200 universities and issuing bodies to print their certificates. If you would like to print in-house, we can also provide secure base stock ready to be in-filled within your organisation.