Secure university certificates – printed and digital. Why Coronavirus has made it more important than ever.

Secure university certificates – printed and digital. Why Coronavirus has made it more important than ever.

The coronavirus has changed the face of education.

With many schools, colleges and universities under restrictions, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of online courses and remote learning opportunities that are available. Using the power of modern technology, these courses allow anyone to study from the comfort of their own home from anywhere in the world, providing many with opportunities that they might not otherwise have had.

Despite the obvious advantages, this poses certain challenges to the educational industry as a whole. Awarding university graduates or other trained professionals with their certificates has become a logistical nightmare with so many businesses closed, operating at a 50% capacity, and following physical distancing guidelines.

We’re also witnessing a global increase in the amount of certificate fraud that can only harm the reputation of the institutions that we cherish.

However, there is good news. Here at Hague, we offer the secure, professional, and simple solution that you need.

Certificate fraud could pose an altogether more serious threat than merely enabling someone to get a job they may not actually be qualified to do. . .

These days, anyone can go online and buy a fake university certificate from whatever country they desire. All it takes is a quick Google search and you’ll find dozens of companies that provide realistic-looking awards that are printed on the same quality paper, often with a convincing seal.

These certificates can be used to gain employment fraudulently and enter countries illegally, putting the public at huge risk.

This can become a huge headache for genuine awarding bodies and universities who provide the high-quality degrees, diplomas, andcertificates that their students work so hard to achieve. Clearly, it can also damage the reputation of the university as a whole.

That’s why over 250 universities and awarding bodies worldwide trust Hague to secure their print certificates and transcripts.

We use sophisticated bespoke holograms, controlled watermarked papers, state-of-the-art security print designs and audit stock control numbers to ensure that they cannot be replicated by con artists.

How can you ensure your certificates are secure?

The only way to ensure that your certificates are secure and authenticated is to opt for a secure certificate printing service – something that Hague Print have been providing for many years. Whichever print partner you choose though, you should look for the following features when making your decision:

  • Creative and complex certificate designs
  • Secure & bespoke holograms
  • Controlled watermarked paper
  • Secure inks
  • Complex verifiable numbering
  • Secure data infilling

Hague provides all the above, and much more. . .

For example, you may also be considering different mailing options to help you get your certificates out to graduates safely, wherever they are in the world. During these difficult times, when many people are restricted in terms of travel, it’s reassuring to know that Hague’s secure digital service offers the perfect end-to-end solution. Simply supply us with your data source and all personalisation, print, infilling, and secure delivery is efficiently taken care of. Simple. Secure. Sorted.

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Fake certificates are becoming an increasing problem in the education sector. By choosing a trusted secure and authentic certificate provider such as Hague, you’ll have complete peace of mind that your brand is in safe hands. Our reputation and experience within the sector speaks for itself.

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