Roll labels printing with a logo for your business

Roll labels printing with a logo for your business

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and that’s exactly why a logo can be one of the most useful tools for promoting your business. When people see the Nike swoosh they immediately think high quality sportswear, the Starbucks siren signals consistency, trust and warmth. Designing roll labels printing with a logo for your business can create an easily distributed, strong brand identity, building loyalty between you and your customers.

Visual representation

Your logo represents everything your business stands for. It should generate the feeling you want to convey to your customers about your business. For instance, the WWF logo, which shows an endangered giant panda, neatly sums up that the organisation is about wildlife preservation. With a little bit of thought and creativity you too can come up with a logo that speaks volumes about your business.

Three types of logo

There are three distinctive types of logo:

  • Font-based logos
  • Illustrated logos
  • Abstract logos

Deciding which logo type is right for your business is the first step. If you sell sportswear and specialise in tennis you may wish to incorporate a tennis specific illustration in your logo, or if you’re in publishing it may be more sensible to use a combination of a font-based logo and illustration, like Macmillan books.

Designing your logo

Your logo should visually represent your values, so before you decide on the design it’s a good idea to write down what your values are. Once you’ve pinned them down it will be easier to find a visual that suits them.

A good port of call at this stage is looking at your competitors’ logos. Distinguish between the good and the bad, and think about how you want to make your logo stand out. Decide what it is that makes your business different and what your target audience would best respond to.

Unless you’re Nike and a simple swoosh is enough for customers to recognise your business you will probably want to include your business name. Depending on what your business name is, there will be a fitting font. For example, if you are Smith & Sons you may want to choose a more traditional font to reflect the traditional nature of your business.

Designing a colourful logo might be tempting, but think about the long run. When looking at roll labels printing it’s much more affordable to use just one colour, rather than several. This applies anytime you print your logo.

Lastly, it’s important to hire a professional designer to help you with your logo. It may cost more, but a professional looking logo is crucial. Anything less may actually dissuade prospective customers who doubt your professionalism and get the impression you cut corners.

Once your logo is designed, you should trademark it to protect your business. Then you can begin using it on all your business literature and correspondence, cards, website and roll labels printing. You could even get a hologram logo sticker printed to use on your products as an added level of authenticity and security.

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