Roll labels printing can build your business

Roll labels printing can build your business

It’s one thing for a customer to purchase a product from your business, it’s another for them to actively seek out your business to buy something. Little touches, like learning how to properly gift wrap purchased products, will make sure at those special times of year it’s your business prospective customers turn, or return, to. Custom-made roll labels printing, along with an assortment of appealing wrapping items, can please your customers and build loyalty.

Tips for expert gift wrapping

Around the important annual holidays offering a gift wrapping service will attract more customers. Offering this service at no extra cost will incentivise them to choose your business for all their special purchases. Always make sure to have items such as wired ribbons, wrapping paper, and scissors to hand so that when a customer requests gift wrapping you can access them quickly. It’s also useful to have different wrapping items for different occasions and genders so you can offer a custom wrap.

Branded wrapping items with roll labels printing

If you really want to impress your customers, branded wrapping items such as a roll of stickers with logo could be the answer. When looking at a table of gift wrapped presents, loyal customers should be able to quickly distinguish which has been purchased from your business.

Distinct gift wrapping can be a persuasive technique to encourage customers to buy from you for special occasions, but try to keep it simple, overly wrapped packages that have excessive bows or the like, can be difficult for a customer to get home without damaging.

Keep it quick!

‘Would you like your gift wrapped? It’s free!’ is without doubt an appealing prospect. However, if a customer is left standing for twenty minutes while a store assistant slowly wraps, it can leave customers irritated rather than elated. Practice wrapping with cheap paper before offering the real thing in-store, it will ensure you’re a dab hand before you’re in front of the customer.

Keep it neat!

If there’s something even more frustrating than waiting a long time for an item to be wrapped, it’s being handed a sloppy job. Wrapping is not a skill that comes naturally, and it may take a while for you to find the perfect formula but practice makes perfect. Keep it simple and there will be less chance of making a mess of things.

Here at Hague we have over 30 years of experience supplying high quality printed labels on a roll for retailers. We’re experts in finding the exact labels for your needs, and can work with you to create logos and artwork for your labels.

Get in touch and we can arrange a free consultation to find out how we can offer the most cost-effective roll labels printing solutions.