Protect gift vouchers with custom hologram sticker printing

Protect gift vouchers with custom hologram sticker printing

Gift voucher scams are one of the biggest threats to the retail industry. They have been causing retailers a headache for some time now, and provide fraudsters with yet another way to cut into a business owner’s profit margin. Custom hologram sticker printing is one of the most effective methods to make sure a gift voucher is protected, in turn protecting your business and assets.

How can custom hologram sticker printing help?

Security hologram stickers are labels that have been printed with holograms for the purpose of protecting a product or an item such as a gift voucher. They are incredibly hard to replicate as they can only be created from a single ‘master hologram’, and to do this you need specialist, sophisticated equipment. This in itself is a major deterrent for scammers, who know that they can not produce genuine looking products or items without access to the master hologram.

Including hologram labels on your gift vouchers prevents scammers from being able to fraudulently duplicate them, and can help you to feel safer when distributing vouchers. Make sure they are always stored behind the counter or kept safe in a locked cabinet. If they are publicly accessible you open yourself up to scammers who can see the gift vouchers and more accurately duplicate them or copy information provided on them.

Tips to prevent gift voucher scams

There are many ways you can protect your business and customers from gift voucher scams. The below steps are a great place to start:

  • Only sell gift vouchers in-store or on official and secure websites: if customers know that your gift vouchers are only available in certain places they won’t be tempted to buy from unauthorised sellers
  • Always make sure your gift vouchers look consistent: designing gift vouchers that feature the same hologram labels will help you to easily spot if there are any inconsistencies, reducing the likelihood of fraudulent gift vouchers will be accepted
  • Offer a registration option: ask customers to register all gift vouchers via your website, so you can uncover any misuses of gift vouchers earlier

Making the time to take these precautions will protect your gift vouchers, so you can feel safe from illegal replication. Custom hologram sticker printing is a cost effective anti-fraud measure that can be used on a number of products and items, not just gift vouchers. To find out more about their benefits and how they can help your business, get in touch and we can talk you through their advantages in a free consultation.