Protecting Your Brand From Brand Impersonations

Protecting Your Brand From Brand Impersonations -->

Research has shown that malicious impersonations have increased 11 times since 2014. The scope of social media means that it is vulnerable industry for cyber criminals to exploit.

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Although companies use the blue verification tick to certify that a brand is genuine, social networks rely heavily on brands to monitor and report suspicious activity. This expands beyond large corporations to smaller businesses and individuals, where it is equally as possible for someone to impersonate an account.

Research as shown that 48% of brand impersonators use fake vouchers to target people and Kaspersky reports that 20% of all phishing attacks are launched on social media.

It is important to understand the landscape that social media has created and the risks that come along with it. Consider 2 step verification processes on social media and review any threats or suspicious activity that occur online.

Protecting your brand is incredibly important and should be at the forefront of business decisions.

Hague provide specific tailored products and services to combat theft, counterfeit, fraud, alteration and Grey market products. Our expertise helps protect your brand from attacks that undermine company revenue, destroy consumer confidence and create Health and Safety issues.

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