Printing certificates? How to keep them and other documents safe

Printing certificates? How to keep them and other documents safe

Every business has its fair share of sensitive documents, from invoices and cheques to printing certificates that mark employee achievements. What all businesses share is the need to keep these documents safe. If they were to fall into the wrong hands, you could end up in an expensive yet avoidable situation.

The good news is that there are simple steps you can take to protect your documents so that you can carry on printing certificates and filing away invoices without worrying about whether they leave your business vulnerable.

Keep everything in a single location

The first step to document safety is keeping everything in one place. It might be tempting to store them in several locations so that would-be thieves can’t access them all at once, but provided the location is secure then your documents will be safe. It will save you time down the line too when you waste hours searching for a document you think is lost.

Replace key documents ASAP

Documents go missing – it doesn’t mean your company is facing an immediate risk. However, when this does happen make sure to investigate and replace any missing documents as soon as you realise they are gone.

Use a fireproof box

There are many models of fireproof box that you can purchase to protect your documents. These safes are designed to last longer against fires and higher temperates meaning they have greater potential to keep your documents secure.

Only give access to those who need it

Not everyone needs access to your company’s confidential documents. Keep an eye on who is able to access them – remember, three-quarters of all data breaches come from within. Give employees access to the documents they need and no more.

Destroy old documents

It goes without saying: any sensitive documents that you no longer need should be immediately destroyed. Invest in a shredder and do regular audits of everything you have filed away. If you don’t need it or use it, lose it.

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