Print is the perfect partner for marketing your e-commerce business

Print is the perfect partner for marketing your e-commerce business

Online advertising is a big focus for businesses of all sizes and as consumers preference for searching for information and products online grows, online advertising budgets will continue to increase.

A report commissioned by the Department for Digital, Cultural, Media and Sport, titled ‘Online advertising in the UK’ found that online advertising spend totalled £11,553 million in 2017 which is up 14% from 2008 where total spend amounted to £3,508 million.

Paid search advertising on sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo accounted for 50% of this spend. This was followed by social display advertising on channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. which accounted for 36% of online advertising spend.

While these figures show that online advertising is an important marketing strategy for businesses, it doesn’t mean that print is dead. In fact, research by Statista shows that in 2019 spend on print advertising by UK businesses is predicted to be around £2.47 billion.

While some businesses may choose to focus solely on one area of advertising, taking a collaborative approach could yield better results.

Here are some ideas on how you can combine print and online advertising to grow your e-commerce business:

  • If your e-commerce business targets a specific demographic you could produce a range of postcards which can be distributed around specific areas that relate to your demographic audience
  • Leverage the foot-flow of busy areas like transport hubs (train, bus and tram stations and airports), conference and exhibition centres and hotels and leave leaflets advertising your business
  • If your business offers a range of products combine the details of these into a product catalogue
  • An easy tactic if you’re trying to grow your repeat customer base is to send select customers notifications of pre-sales or special discounts
  • Help your customers find your website or app with ease by placing a QR code on every piece of printed promotional material
  • If part of your marketing plan includes attending exhibitions or trade fairs to raise awareness of your e-commerce business, have a number of printed materials like brochures, postcards and catalogues on offer which visitors can take away with them

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