Preparing your business for changes in lockdown

Preparing your business for changes in lockdown

Ready to leave lockdown?

At the time of publishing this content, no-one can definitively say when the Coronovirus lockdown measures will start to be eased. Nevertheless, now is a good time for organisations and business to prepare for getting safely back to some kind of normality…

Countries such as Italy and Austria which suffered the pandemic in advance of the UK are now cautiously re-opening some areas of business. It’s a move that all countries will have to make when the science indicates it’s safe enough to do so. But as the European Commission has stated, even carefully phased relaxation of the rules will ‘unavoidably lead to a corresponding increase in new cases’.

So it’s clear that measures such as personal protection equipment (PPE), social distancing and social safety will remain crucial as we gradually begin to mix again, to give our amazing health and care professionals the capacity to handle their likely ongoing case load.

Ways we can help

Premises of all kinds will need to do all they can to keep staff, visitors and customers safe. Maintaining social distancing will mean plenty of signage to help people keep apart; floor vinyls have proven to be one of the best ways of achieving this, along with point of display materials to reinforce the social safety messaging. Taking the same measures in stores and warehouses will also be critical.

Public-facing locations such as sales counters, service points and reception areas can also be made safer by the use of signage, and protective screening. Along with our vinyls capability, at Hague we’ve responded to the need to support social distancing by producing simple, freestanding transparent protection screens which can be printed with official social distancing instructions. Contact us for more information

PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)

PPE is also an essential social safety issue that Hague can go some way to assist with. Using our 20 plus years knowledge of supplying to the NHS we have risen to the challenge and can provide a range of protective clear face guards, masks (disposable and FFP2), disinfectant wipes and protective wipe-down plastic covers for use in car/van interiors. Find out more.

As we’ve all seen with PPE in particular, the UK’s limited supply has struggled to meet the unprecedented demand. So it makes sense to start preparing social distancing measures for currently closed premises now in an orderly way. This will help avoid a sudden rush which could put unnecessary pressure on supply when things start moving again.

A preparation checklist:

  1. Plan social safety measures well ahead of lockdown easing
  2. Follow the guidance given at
  3. Begin preparing premises for social distancing now, to avoid compromising supplies to crucial care sectors through rush-purchasing later
  4. UK delivery services are also under strain; ordering materials now ahead of a likely rush will help logistics to cope

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